Established in Melbourne over 16 years ago, JTB Studios has won over 54 International awards and recognitions in the last 12 months. We are a Full-Stack Digital Agency driven by Performance and results. 


For 16 years, our approach has been to marry our clients’ business objectives with their users’ needs. Don’t worry about the digital experience, our digital strategies are created, iterated and monitored to build you a valuable business solution.

We pride ourselves on working with some of Melbourne’s greatest creative, strategic and technically driven individuals to create a powerhouse team for you.




Our dedicated and passionate team comprises of Strategists, UI and UX Designers, Developers, Project Managers and Digital Marketing Specialists.





Digital is how we achieve our objectives, what enables us to create our performance strategies and formulas and what allows us to replicate and scale the returns.

With Digital we have full transparency of the target market, how they interact, what converts what what needs to be done to meet a better objective. Never in the history of advertising have we been able to be so calculating, targeted and objective driven. 




Post launch we observe all digital platforms including SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, as well as reach and pattern behaviours to maximise your user’s experience.




We know how important this process can be, so we typically employ a fluid method in running and managing our projects.
We’re constantly learning, adapting, thinking up innovations and reiterating our process to create a solution both you and your users can enjoy.

Our project method is technically defined as a Waterfall approach, but throughout delivering successful projects for the past 15 years, we’ve learnt that removing the rigidity from the traditional Waterfall approach will make for better outcomes all round.

You will have a dedicated Project Manager throughout your project, who will be your main point of contact. Your Project Manager will manage and own weekly WIP meetings to discuss project progress, timelines, risks, accountability, issues, roadblocks and anything project-related. 





We believe this is the most important area in delivering a successful project. Throughout the Discovery Phase, our aim is to gain a holistic understanding of your business and the challenges we are trying to resolve.

We’ve designed a workshop to delve into your business objectives, operations and identity, the industry landscape and your users’ motivations and needs.

Using this data and further in-depth research, we build insights which inform the strategic direction based on a firm and agreed understanding of your business and digital goals.




Our user interface and experience designers create a tailored human focused solution. The delivery of design is broken up, to allow for frequent feedback, ensuring the design meets your expectations and goals.

Our design team is extensively skilled in various design applications covering all digital services. This means that our approach to design isn’t tunnel focused and we can work with the strategy, development and performance departments to achieve a design solution that not only looks fantastic but is functional and intuitive.




Our developers are Full Stack, meaning there is no project out of scope for us. From small business front end and basic back end CMS development to enterprise integration and custom solution web applications.

We have experience and are compliant with government, tertiary and financial (bank) coding best practices and have strong influence for Australia’s innovation of website technology.

Comprised of frontend, backend, architects and operation developers we constantly working with and pushing the latest industry standards and frameworks.




We’re dedicated to ensuring our solutions continue to deliver into the future. We work with you post-launch or with their existing site to continue to review, monitor and optimise the implementation of our solution.

Each month we report back on how the solution has performed, making recommendations based on data analysis. The aim is increase the conversion rate and efficiency of the product.

We pair this ongoing analysis with digital marketing tools that will support the solution – whether that’s SEO, SEM, email marketing or anything that fits within your digital ecosystem.




In the last 12 months we’ve won 54 International awards and recognitions for our digital design, typography, strategy and excellence in code. We’ve partnered with industry leaders in digital and have worked with a variety of organisations large and small.

Clients; Partnering with industry leaders to lead in Digital

JTB Partners with some fo the greatest bands that strive more form their Digital. It enables a rewarding partnership where we can innovate and help our clients lead in the Digital Eco System