Crown Casino EDM's

JTB collaborated with Crown to create comprehensive, complex email designs in Salesforce.

Crown is Australia's largest gaming and entertainment group that owns and operates three of Australia's leading gambling and entertainment complexes, Crown Melbourne, Crown Perth and Crown Sydney.

Strategy, UI, EDM design, Salesforce Development

The Project

Crown engaged JTB to design and build a broad library of email components that they could use across all of their fine dining establishments. More recently JTB also helped Crown roll out new branding across their emails to accompany the rest of their collateral.

Design Challenges

Creating beautiful, on-brand components that can be used across various emails. Components needed to be flexible to cater for different types of content so there’s no limitations for client.

The approach

We approached the project from two different angles. The first focused on the technical limitations of Salesforce. We made sure we had a sound understand of what was required before design. Our second focus was around understanding the existing brand guidelines so we could create designs that really encapsulated the essence of each restaurant.

Problem Identification

Bespoke, scalable designs

Creating unique designs that resonate with each individual restaurant while simultaneously developing a comprehensive generic component library is a delicate balancing act. It involves an intricate blend of customisation and standardisation to ensure that each establishment stands out while benefiting from the efficiency and consistency offered by a shared design foundation.

Responsive design

Ensuring that emails are responsive and adapt well to various screen sizes and orientations is a major challenge. CSS media queries may not be supported in some email clients, making it difficult to create responsive designs.

Cross-platform compatibility

Email clients vary widely in terms of rendering HTML and CSS. Designing emails that look consistent across different clients and devices (e.g., Outlook, Gmail, mobile, desktop) can be challenging.

The Outcome

Comprehensive component library

Responsive, reusable building blocks that gives Crown full flexibility to create emails for any type of content.

Compatibility across all email clients

We created and tested our designs across all email clients to ensure they wouldn’t break or distorted any layouts which offers a seamless user experience.

Brand guidelines implementation

All the designs closely follow existing brand guidelines so that each email feels custom to each restaurant.

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