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The Project

Build a new website for EPiC that communicates their brand clearly and engages users in their courses and services. This will help establish EPiC as a leading, disruptive consultancy, while building a digital community.


Develop a cohesive, strong visual style that emphasises positivity, quality and approachability. In addition, make it easy to navigate through all courses, resources/blogs, services, and about content. To strengthen engagement and return users, improve the overall content structure, search functionality, and information architecture. In order to engage new and returning users, create an ecosystem that supports the curation of quality content.

The Solutions

Design a digital repositioning and redesign for EPiC that reflects its core brand and disrupts the consultancy industry. Enhance EPiC’s website so that users are able to engage with their services and courses easily. In addition to supporting EPiC’s transformation into a leading, disruptive consultancy, this will help build a digital community.

The Results

Through the use of bold colors, shapes, and patterns, we were able to create a cohesive, strong visual style that emphasizes positivity, quality, and approachability throughout the website. An experience that is thoughtfully curated. Simple, clear, single journeys. Tailored, simple, legible content tailored to user flows. Conversational and aspirational, while staying on top of current market trends.

Information architecture

The key messages throughout the site are easily digestible, visually stimulating, enthusiastic, and with a professional tone of authority.


This site deliver’s the same feeling and experience no matter what device the user is using.

Design tonalities

In the beginning, we had a vision of Epic as a company which creates energetic experiences with professional authority through real human connections. By sticking to our core design pillars, we were able to deliver the desired outcome of our strategy.

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