Gender and Health Hub

Improving gender equality and the prevention of violence through the global community

The Equality Institute, a global feminist agency founded by Dr. Emma Fulu, works tirelessly to advance gender equality and end violence against women and girls. The Equality Institute has now partnered with the United Nations University to launch a new platform.

Known as the Gender and Health Hub, the new platform seeks to bridge the gap between knowledge, policy and action on gender inequality in health globally. Something that is central to The Equality Institute's being.

It looks to provide a gendered approach to health issues and policymaking, achieving this by utilising the latest evidence and best practice resources. The resources on offer will support members working in the UN, and inform policymakers and governments globally.

Digital Strategy, Digital Brand, UX Design, Interactive Wireframes, Responsive UI Design, Motion and Animation direction, Development

The Project

Create a new platform that is recognised by UN Staff, policymakers and global governments as an essential source of information for gendered health policy, supplying individuals with the key facts and best practices in a trustworthy and accessible manner.



Develop a robust platform that caters for a broad range of uses and the unique needs of content creators.

Transition the newly established print brand, into a fully realised digital identity, with a comprehensive brand language and style guide.


The Solution

Designing and developing a platform that not only educates and empowers their users, but allows their content creators to further develop, create and provide content to improve gender equality and health globally.



The Gender Health Hub was a collaborative idea between the Equality Institute and the UN. The Equality Institute is an organisation that works to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women and girls worldwide. They work closely with other organisations when it comes to gender related issues, and have worked with the likes of the UN, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, OAK Foundation and Amnesty international.


Digital Strategy

The digital strategy focused on developing a platform that worked for both the visitors and the content creators. Designing pages that could be easy to navigate and find key facts.


Empowering the research

“We wanted to empower the content creators and give them the tools to present their research in an engaging way.”

In order to elevate the research and provide access to content within minimal clicks, the site was designed with search and personalisation as core experiences. A comprehensive site search was developed to allow users to access multiple levels of content by filtering by global locations, content categories and more.


Digital Identity

The Equality Institute supplied the approved brand for the Gender Health Hub. It was then our task to further develop this into a fully realised digital identity.


Adapting the brand

“The challenge was to utilise the friendly nature of the brand, the colour palette and shapes, but balance it in a way that it wasn’t too playful for what could be quite serious and impactful research.”

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