Creating a new market in an established industry

Hevway was a new business driven to provide assistance and establish themselves as a leader in a way-finding market for heavy vehicles. Acting as a directory for heavy vehicles, the business helps drivers to navigate safe routes to their destination, avoiding fines.

Hevway approached JTB in need of a new name and full branding support alongside a website and custom mobile application for drivers.

Branding, Interactive Wireframes, Web Design, Web Development, Responsive Design, Content Management System (CMS)
The project
We created a new brand for Hevway aimed at heavy vehicle drivers. Creating a new application that cross integrated with Google maps and VicRoads APIs to provide suitable route planning for heavy vehicle drivers.
Create the most valuable way-finding experience for heavy vehicle drivers. Ensuring it is both easy to use and
most importantly, accurate.
The solution
The solution was a new brand, website and mobile application with the heavy vehicle industry at the heart. Hevway are now leaders in the industry and the solution very much communicates that.

Creating a valuable, easy to use and accurate way-finding experience for heavy vehicle drivers.

Our first step was to establish the brand and then we could move on to executing the product and digital execution. The core essence of ‘Guidance’ is used to establish a new brand name. This is accompanied by industry-based research, looking at vehicles and equipment, and considering their history along with common terminology. The name is quite literally a merging of 'heavy' and 'way-finding', with a visual style not out of step within the industry.

Online presence

After finalising the brand, we move onto the core user experience. We looked at the core user groups we’re talking to as well as refining user flows based on needs.

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