KX Pilates

The digital transformation of the KX brand

KX Pilates is a global fitness brand that sells an exercise experience to their customers. They offer high intensity pilates which incorporates clinical treatments on a routine basis, with a focus on full body exercise.

What sets KX apart from their competitors is the personal experience they offer each member before, during and after their session. This stems from a unique methodology taught to each instructor during their training.

Digital Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Responsive, SEO Performance, CMS Development

The Project

KX Pilates’s new website will connect and inspire fitness enthusiasts with the company’s unqiue methodology, while allowing users to experience the brand and its vision.


There are currently 47 studios in Australia and KX have a goal to expand this to 500 studios globally within the next two years.


The Problem

The current website design is dated and doesn’t align with KX Pilates as a premium brand.

Basic analytics tell us that there is an influx of visitors to the website, but they aren’t currently converting into sales.

The current booking system is an expensive cost to the business and it needs to be replaced.

There is limited access to existing analytics, which is impacting the way in which we track user movement on the site and restricting us from understand their behaviour.


The booking process was enhanced by integrating OneFitStop to increase potential customer engagement and overall bookings per month.


The Solution

Strategically design a new premium presence which meets both the user’s goals and those of the business. We will ensure the user flows through the website with ease by considering each stage of their journey.


A strategic landing page was developed to help educate potential franchisees and increase the amount of quality enquiries received to ensure the business continues to grow, supporting their future global expansion goals.


The Approach

Digitally refresh the website to elevate the core value of ‘Define Yourself’ and create an environment that expresses the brand’s new ‘premium’ presence and engage users with a bold experience that is intuitive and reflects the brand’s core values.


Analytics tracking tools were implemented to better understand the user journey and optimise it to increase the conversion rate.

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