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to inspire business leaders

A specialist in cloud-based solutions that help businesses to streamline their process, improve employee productivity and modernise customer environments — Increasing their services and product quality as a result. As their client base grows, LAB3 aims to improve their communication in order to showcase capabilities and strengths to a more diverse audience who may not always have a technical background.

Strategy, Interactive Wireframes, UX Design, UI Design, Web Development, Responsive Design, Content Management System (CMS)

The Project

Creating a new website for LAB3 with high value content, delivers a modern digital experience to users and communicates clearly what services LAB3 provides. All while presenting Lab3 to the industry as a force of inspiring innovation to business leaders.



Generate more leads from the site, accelerate LAB3 sales by increasing the volume of Data & AI services. Also validating and exhibiting LAB3’s capabilities to their audience and promote company culture. LAB3 wants to stabilise growth by taking on more regulated industries such as mining, government and finance.


The solutions

To achieve the goal of this project, we have to dive into and understand how LAB3 operate, their business proposition, promises to clients and uniqueness compared to their competitors, then we proceed to implement new features and content for the new site that are relevant to the audience.


Insights & Research

Analysis and research on the industries, conducting workshops with stakeholders and heuristic identification of current issues on the LAB3 website.

With the booming in the technology industry in recent years LAB3 has doubled in size Whilst there is no doubt that LAB3 is an award-winning contestant in the industry, at the same time LAB3 is competing against other industry giants, so we take a look at what these competitors are doing with their online presence.


Features / content

After researching competitors and identifying personas. We have come up with some core features/functions that are vital to LAB3’s new website.


Designs & Art direction

Aesthetics impacts an interface’s UX in several ways. Humans are hard-wired for visual input – as their gut reactions guide them to either continue using the product or abandon it.

Tell a businesses story to the public. Creating a company autobiography. A great opportunity to show the people behind the scene that make LAB3 unique whilst showcasing LAB3’s working culture, attracting and retaining the right talent.



Ensure the website is working perfectly across all devices.

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