Lifelong Dental

Creating a brand that empowers people to be the author of their own oral health.

A well-established dental practice with long standings ties to their local community came to us looking to take their business to the next level our approach was to rebuild their brand from the ground up. with the goal of instil the knowledge that being one of their patient comes with a wealth benefits and a sense of pride, and impart the knowledge that their unique longterm approach, guarantees a lifetime of fantastic oral health.

Strategy, Design, Interactive Wireframes, Development, Responsive Design, Content Management System (CMS)


Entering a new stage, the clinic was looking to establish a new identity and forge a new path. Proud that their patients come from far and wide, but with a family and community-focused brand that they felt was limiting their growth protential. Behind the scenes it was their specialised services that really set them apart as a unique offering within the industry and we were challenged with creating a solution that not only sells this approach to new patients, but also enables the business to grow.



We established a new brand identity that would represent their benefits and will instil their patients with a sense of trust. It would conveying care and professionalism with modern styling, brands elements.

In addition we created a seamless digital experience that used the latest UX and UI best practices, to provide guidance for
their patients in all scenarios. It utilises the best digital platforms that help improve the onboarding process, allowing for more intuitive functionality and time saving procedures.


User Experience

Our research involved extensive competitor analysis, involving local and global leaders in dentistry and then the broader health industry. Along with research into their local community which allowed us to identified three core personas types.

For each persona we assess digital behaviours and points of engagement throughout the existing website. Through this methodology we could isolate the most important elements of the website which in return influenced the newly proposed experience and site architecture.

Site Architecture

In comparison to their existing architecture, the new website would be streamlined. A new hierarchy allowed for easier access to core pages and critical information, the navigation would feature prominent call to actions which were directly related to the key needs of the personas.



Developing a fresh brand to launch a new era.

Our goal with this client was to establish a new identity that would help them to forge a new path. The new brand needed to highlight their role as a leader and mentor for their patients and encapsulated their down to earth nature and connect with customers, letting them understand the quality service the will experience.

Another key element of the new brand was adding a sence of modernity; letting customers feel that the clinic stays up to date with current trends, making sure the brand reflects the progressive nature of the practice as an innovator bringing their unique long term approach to their patients.


When we considered what their core dental services offering was, one word begins to stand out above the other as being more real, simple and authentic.


For or lasting a lifetime; lifelong:
a life membership in a club

1. The animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual: to enjoy one’s life; a long life and a happy one.
2. A corresponding state, existence, or principle of existence conceived of as belonging to the soul: eternal life.

Within these definitions of life we find further terms the elaborate on the theme of ongoing dental heath. Which after additional testing lead to the selection of Lifelong Dental.


User Interface

The UI needed to reflect the values of the new identity, while achieving the goals of the Strategy and UX design. The design tonalities that influenced the identity would also be used for the UI, each element would need a modern feel while providing the user with guidance, the overall look and feel should instil the user with a sense of trust.

Identity Development

The brand continuously evolves as we create the website, trying out different UI elements helps to develop the typography, used of colour and white space, as well as rounded corners and soft edges.

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