Educating through web design for your pet's benefit

About LifeWise

LifeWise is an Australian family-owned and run company that produces premium, holistic, wholefood dry pet nutrition for dogs and cats. The pet nutrition produced by LifeWise is based on a scientific technique for correct nutrient proportion for the animal’s life stage and energy expenditure. Efficiently ramping the pet food nutrient components, results in a reduction of nutrient wastage and optimises performance from each balanced serving.

The Project

LifeWise needed an online presence for their product range to launch to market.

The marketing around pet food composition is geared for high profits, rather than an explanation of the actual benefits of the pet food itself. Producing the pet food from a nutrition science background, LifeWise aims to inform its customers and gear the pet food production around animal health and wellbeing.


Launch LifeWise to the market

Build brand awareness

Position LifeWise as industry experts in natural, wholefood, performance nutrition for dogs and cats

Mobile and search optimised


The Solution

The LifeWise website allows users to navigate effortlessly to information about the products and blog articles. It has a modern and inviting presence, while still capturing a professional foundation.

The website design will establish credibility and clearly communicate the unique pet nutrition formulation. As the products are all natural and deliver essential ingredients, the website reflects a down to earth and organic feel. This is achieved by using a warm colour palette, sophisticated illustration/photography and embracing white space throughout the site (less is more).

The design reflects a premium, yet casual, digital presence and reveals the company as a specialist in formulated and balanced pet nutrition made in Australia, to the international market.


E-commerce Website Design, Development, Quality Assurance Testing, Website Launch

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