Premium support for underground and surface mining equipment

Since 2006, MASPRO has manufactured high performance parts to suit surface and underground mining equipment. In addition to manufacturing, they also offer technical support, repairs and services.

Strategy, 3D Animation, UI Design, Web Development, Responsive Design

The Project

A majority of aftermarket engineering companies don’t go above and beyond with their digital experiences, which makes MASPRO an ideal candidate to stand out and become an authority.


Achieve global leadership in climate-engineered products by demonstrating Australia’s expertise in multiple fields.

The Solutions

Embrace the brand’s experience, customer base, and methodologies to tell an engaging story that makes it more than just another aftermarket mining parts supplier.

The Results

By showcasing MASPRO’s product catalog in an engaging and accessible manner, we help potential customers make informed decisions, while preventing prying competitors from accessing the catalog. MASPRO is demonstrated as a provider of durable products that will withstand harsh Australian conditions. Adding case studies and carefully targeted pages to the site will highlight key features and make vital statistics accessible.


Showcasing products in an accessible and delightful manner

Showcase the entire MASPRO range in an accessible and strategic manner, enabling time-poor customers to find what they need quickly to gain repeat business and develop new relationships.

Demonstrate the thinking behind the solutions that MASPRO provides

Before potential partnerships engage with a brand they often validate how the brand has helped previous clients in the past, what they provided and how they approached problems.

Tell a captivating story of MASPRO and the talented people behind it

People want to know what a brand stands for and who is behind it, so this page provides an opportunity to solidify trust and win over potential clients.

Create a meaningful careers page that attracts the right talent

A successful career page provides insight into a company, reveals what employees have to say, and allows applicants to apply easily.

Make customers aware of new products

New products can be promoted in a variety of ways, such as placing them in highly visible areas, placing them on the homepage, and sending out an email campaign that informs customers.

Design tonalities

Demonstrate the core essence as a brand that provides their customers with opportunities to achieve improved performance through professionalism and power.


A sense of trust and confidence: the reason why the customer chooses MASPRO over other providers. Also highlight the down to earth connection.


This site deliver’s the same feeling and experience no matter what device the user is using.

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