Specialist in Complex Rehab Technology

Medifab are specialists in helping children and adults who have significant disabilities and medical conditions. CRT products enable these individuals to deal with their daily physical, functional and cognitive challenges and play a critical role in addressing the complex medical needs of these children and adults and in keeping them active and functional within their homes and communities.

Digital Strategy, Digital Brand, UX design, UI design, Motion design, Website,


Medifab have an established business in New Zealand and Australia, and are recognised by their contemporaries as an industry leading benchmark, furthermore they’ve expressed a desire to extend their business globally.

However their current digital position including their website and brand, doesn’t sufficiently convey their standing or offer functionality for expansion.



Uplift the website and digital brand language for Medifab and their in house range of products know as Spex



Create a consistent digital identity for Medifab, that utilises their current branding and provides homogeneity across their website.

Develop a new user journey for their website and process, that instils the same care and attention that they pride themselves on when working face to face with their clients.


Digital Strategy

The strategy focused on two key areas, their current system and their audience. As both areas provide complex issues, the system provides different products and functionality based on the country and while the website is primarily designed for B2B, B2C customers are still encouraged, though the service on offer differs.


User Experience

One way to rectify this was to reduce the number of potential interactions, streamlining a process that would initially have multiple CTAs to choose from, instead displaying just the one. This was achieved by reworking all the various contact options, into one unified form. The user would still have the odd branching question, however each question came with a greater amount of context and guidance.


Visual Direction

The main direction of the new website was for it to be supportive and inspirational. The look, feel and tone of voice was designed to inspire users whilst being caring and supportive. It presents Medifab as a company that really understands the needs of their audience.

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