Polished Man - Party with a Purpose

About Polished Man

Polished Man is a not for profit initiative that raises awareness of the high volume of violence inflicted on children in Australia and around the globe. Each year, the campaign encourages individuals to paint one of their fingernails to spark conversation. Polished Man generates contributions through fundraisers and donations where all proceeds go to trauma prevention and trauma recovery programs for children who are at risk of or have suffered violence.

Though the Polished Man campaign is aimed for men, it is not an avenue to point fingers but to present a powerful message of strength and unison to protect those little few who are exposed to such tragic circumstances.

The Project

Polished Man's event 'Party with a Purpose' is a fundraising event that encourages guests to bid for Auctioned items and purchase raffle prizes, in an effort to raise funds to prevent child abuse.

For 2018's Polished Man's 'Party with a Purpose' event, donations were initially limited to 150 guests in attendance of the event, however JTB created a solution for all of Australia to interact with the event online, with the hope of raising more funds nationally.

The Solution

We created a functional website where donated items can be auctioned, with the proceeds going to their cause. The backend is designed fully customised for their needs, with modular auction items and live current bid functionality.

Our objective was to increase their reach to a wider audience online and to gather as much engagement for the cause as possible.


Front end development, custom back end development, UI design


Collaboration for a cause

We worked in close collaboration with Lacuna Agency  using Ygap for donations all for the Polished Man.

Lacuna Agency is known for their work for Holden, MasterChef and Carols in the Domain. The Melbourne based agency transforms their partners brands and their alignment in their specific industry whether it be through content creation, event management or media strategies.

Ygap is an International Development not-for-profit with an innovative approach to poverty alleviation. The organisation’s origins began by aiding the construction of schools in poverty stricken countries. This initiative grew into the development of campaigns such as Polished Man and Feast of Merit.

Partnering with these three organisations has been such a fulfilling experience considering the values of the campaign. The team were quite invested in delivering an adequate product.

In addition to donating a website for Polished Man, JTB is also offering SEO and Website Performance Management in the pool of auction items! For more information, visit the link here.

We could really resonate with Polished Man as there are a few emerging parents in the company.

We believe in our own culture at work and the impact it has on us, so we wanted to also support families who don’t have that type of culture.

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