SM Cosmetics

Partnering with an African haircare specialist to create an elevated brand and digital experience.

SM Cosmetics is Australia's premier destination for high-quality haircare and skincare products. They offer a diverse range of products tailored to customers seeking effective hair and skin care solutions. SM Cosmetics approached JTB to improve the look and feel of their website and to create new branding to accompany the new digital.

Strategy, UI Design, Web Development, Responsive Design

The Project

SM Cosmetics needed a visual update of their website as they felt their existing website was outdated and didn’t represent their brand how they wanted it to. They also wanted to refresh their branding for the same reason and to align it to the new website design.

Design Challenges

The client wanted their new visual language to look completely different from what they had, however they didn’t know what direction was best for their business and what would attract their customers.

The Approach

We approached the project in two distinct phases. We undertook a branding workshop with SM Cosmetics to get a deeper understanding of their business and to learn more about the brand’s why, how and what. We then addressed any customer journey problems and overall pain points.

Problem identification

Outdated Imagery

SM Cosmetics imagery was outdated, making it appear out of touch with current trends and consumer preferences. This can lead to a loss of relevance and appeal among the target audience.

Brand Misalignment

The existing branding didn’t represent SM Cosmetics values and strategic direction in the way that it could have. They felt like branding lacked strong visual language and that weaken the brand identity and trust.

Visual Appeal

The website felt visually unattractive and the client felt like it could deter visitors and give a negative impression of SM Cosmetics.

The Outcome

Strong Visual Language

We worked closely with SM Cosmetics to create a brand that feels youthful and modern. We created a consistent visual language, including a recognisable logo, colour scheme, and design elements, helping to create a distinctive brand identity.

Stylised photoshoot

We collaborated with local photographers and stylists to create a distinct and memorable brand imagery. We wanted the visuals to feel unique and eye catching to capture the attention of the audience.

Modern user interface

The new interface design feels playful yet intuitive. We created a beautiful interface that reinforces the brand identity and contributes to a positive perception of the brand, helping to differentiate it from competitors.

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