Smartercare Home Protection

Comprehensive solutions helping homeowners and property agents manage new regulation obligations.

Smarter Heating and Cooling provide their clients with quality, efficient and cost effective professional servicing, repairs and installations. In addition to their core services, they have a new business providing all-inclusive service called Smarter Care Home Protection. SmarterCare is designed to help homeowners, landlords and property agents manage new government regulations and requirements.

Branding, Information Architecture, SEO, Videography, Animation, Landing Page, API Integration, Signature Integrations

The Project

In 2021 new government regulations will be introduced, putting pressure on homeowners and property agents to complete safety checks on gas, electrical and smoke alarms across all their properties. Smarter Heating and Cooling has identified the opportunity to expand from their current services and provide a solution to help manage these new regulations. Smarter registered a new business, SmarterCare Home Protection, providing an all-inclusive maintenance and safety service.



To educate homeowners and property agents on the new regulations and requirements, while providing an all-inclusive solution to reduce their workload. Provide a simple and efficient user-experience that allows new clients to book their property maintenance and safety obligations in one place.


The Solution

Introducing their new business, Smarter Care Home Protection, as the comprehensive, simple and safe solution to manage new government regulations. Smarter Care takes the stress out of managing properties by taking control of the new gas, electrical and smoke alarm safety requirements.



A new brand was developed for Smarter Care Home protection as a separate yet still connected to Smarter Heating and Cooling. The logo is focused around the three core safety services: gas, heating and electrical. 



A short, minute-long animated video was developed to provide a quick overview of the new regulations, along with the benefits of Smarter Care.



Brochures were designed for each audience as a free landing page download to give an overview of the regulations but also showcase the packages available from Smarter Care. 



Along with the Smarter Heating and Cooking website,
a SmarterCare Home Protection landing page was designed to allow homeowners and agents to efficiently book service packages for all their properties. It also provides education around the new regulations with access to the video and brochure collateral. 

The packages are designed with a 2-step form that integrates with ServiceMate, creating service projects directly from the form for efficient, immediate service. A signature integration was implemented to allow the full bookings to be made through the website, removing the need for separate paperwork and hassle. 

The landing page is also designed to allow for individual branding elements. An individual, customised page can be created by real estate or agent partners. This allows them to  independently send the packages to their clients.



Designed to ensure the landing page is accessible across
all devices.

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