Universal eSports Network

Branding a startup player in the world of eSports to be seen and respected 
as an authority and legitimate player in the market.

UEN propose to facilitate eSports events primarily for youths and young adults. With no existing branding the business approached JTB to establish a name and surrounding brand for the business that aligned to their values and core drivers.

The result is a solid brand with a clear idea and a fully fleshed out brand core wrapped up in a personality that resonates with their core audiences.

Digital Brand Transformation, Brand Strategy, Logo Development

How We Got There

We began by conducting a series of workshops with key stakeholders to uncover their brand’s vision, purpose, voice, and target audience. Through collaborative exercises and discussions, we identified the brand’s persona, voice, core values, pillars, and narrative, laying the foundation for the entire branding process.

We believe gaming is an activity that has many benefits and can be a good activity to engage in, but the community has been corrupted. Our story is about disrupting the corruption and turning gaming into an activity that can bring glory while still being gory. Ultimately we hope that through our act of bringing the esports subculture into the light we can bring gamers themselves to become a part of that same light.


Appealing to different audiences while also getting a brand’s vision and personality across is always a difficult task and this project was no different. The brand needed to walk a fine line between being appealing and ‘cool-looking’ to a younger audience especially when paired with apparel and events signage—while also coming across as a serious and mature player in the industry that parents and corporates can trust.

Key Activities

Workshops for brand discovery

These workshops served as a platform to delve into the essence of Universal eSports Network. We explored what made them unique, their aspirations, and the emotions they wanted to evoke in their audience.

Competitor research

A thorough analysis of competitors was conducted to understand the landscape in which Universal eSports Network operated. This helped us identify opportunities for differentiation and positioning in the market.

Brand naming activity

Based on the brand’s pillars – belonging, exciting, pioneering, bold, and authority – we conducted a brand naming activity to find a name that encapsulated these qualities. This process involved brainstorming sessions and rigorous evaluation to ensure the chosen name aligned perfectly with the brand’s identity.

Visual brand execution

We developed a visual identity system that included colour palettes, typography, and imagery direction. Each element was carefully selected to convey the desired brand attributes and create a cohesive visual language.

Key Deliverables

Logo development

Our team created two distinct logos for Universal eSports Network – a custom word mark logo and a graphic mark logo. The word mark reflected the brand’s professionalism and authority, while the graphic mark symbolised its belonging spirit.

Mockups and applications

To showcase the versatility of the brand identity, we presented the logos mocked up on various items, including clothing, signage, and social media platforms. This helped the client visualise how their brand would appear in real-world scenarios.

Brand book creation

Finally, we compiled all the elements of the brand identity into a comprehensive brand book. This document served as a guide for Universal eSports Network, outlining the usage guidelines, brand story, visual assets, and tone of voice. It provided a roadmap for consistently implementing the new brand identity across all communication channels.



The rebranding efforts culminated in a refreshed identity that captured the essence of Universal eSports Network and resonated with its target audience. The new brand positioned Universal eSports Network as a pioneering and authoritative player in the eSports industry, while also conveying excitement and a sense of belonging to its audience. With a clear brand strategy and compelling visual identity, Universal eSports Network was equipped to forge stronger connections with its audience and achieve its business objectives.

In conclusion, our holistic approach to branding, encompassing strategic workshops, thorough research, creative ideation, and meticulous execution, enabled Universal eSports Network to undergo a successful brand transformation and embark on a new chapter of growth and success.

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