4 Essential Characteristics for A Great Home Page

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30 May 2014

One of the easiest ways to make valuable change to your website is to review your homepage.  It often requires very little (if any) time or financial investment but the difference in conversion rates might astound you.

Below are 4 essential characteristics that make a great home page.  Check to make sure your website follows some of these simple rules.

#1. High on Quality

Modern web visitors are very savvy and they start to evaluate a company as soon as they see its website. Avoid images that have poor composition, focus and lighting. You have two options at your disposal; you can either buy stock photos or hire a professional photographer.

#2. Large & In-charge

A bigger picture is always a plus.  Make sure that the homepage image fills up the screen, even down to the fold.  Choose an attractive and relevant image. Recent studies indicate that behaviours and trends of visitors change overtime and sites that include images that the audience relates to more, are subsequently converting higher results.

#3. Room for Text

Does your homepage just contain big imagery? Research shows that most award-winning websites have large catchy images along with some show-stealing web content. Make sure that your content is interesting and relevant so that your visitor is interested in finding out more.

#4. Overcomplicated Banners

Homepage sliders can overcomplicate a website.  Make sure that your images are working together and the intervals between image changes, allows your audience to see and read the information. Take a minimalist approach when it comes to choosing the images. Less is more in terms of rotating banners.

Change your images according to current season or other special occasions that might be important to your potential customers. If you’re still unsure about this, consult a professional.


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