The Importance of Digital Presence: Jeremy Bogdanowicz on Disrupt Radio

Digital Agency, Ecommerce, Trends
17 April 2024

“Approximately 90-95% of people are jumping on the website before they make any kind of decision,” Jeremy Bogdanowicz, founder and director of JTB Studios, revealed during his discussion with Disrupt Radio’s Enterprise Breakfast program.
The discussion delved into the importance of websites in influencing business impact and consumer decisions with Jeremy emphasising that websites are not just a digital presence but a critical channel for driving business success in the e-commerce landscape.
Jeremy highlighted the substantial impact websites have on purchasing decisions, citing Google’s statistic that “nine out of every $10 from an e-commerce perspective is actually influenced by online interactions.” This underscores the pivotal role websites play in shaping consumer behaviour and driving revenue.
Discussing digital strategies, Jeremy stressed the need for businesses to embrace an omni-channel approach. He emphasized the diversity of touchpoints available, from influencers and social media platforms to aggregator websites like eBay, to expand reach and engagement across different channels.
Addressing digital transformation for established brands, Jeremy emphasized the importance of consistency and strategic investment in digital strategies. He noted that successful brands allocate significant resources—around 20 to 30% of their digital budget—towards developing and executing effective digital strategies.
Jeremy emphasized that a great website should mirror a business’s values and offerings consistently, providing a seamless user experience aligned with the brand’s identity and commitment to excellence.
In closing, Jeremy highlighted the evolving nature of consumer behavior and the imperative for businesses to adapt swiftly. He emphasized the importance of websites capturing interest within seconds and catering to different phases of the buying cycle.


Listen to the full interview below:


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