5 Essential Website Inclusions that will boost your Business Credibility

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5 June 2014

When did you last assess your websites credibility ranking?  Have you compared your website content to others in your industry?  Your website content can either be average or remarkable.  When your website is remarkable, people are more likely to share that information with their network enhancing your credibility.

Here are 5 ways that will be sure to help boost your Business credibility.

Testimonials and Reviews:

Constructive and well-written testimonials which demonstrate the problems you have solved are even better than website content and will provide instant credibility for your business. The key is keeping your testimonials fresh, updated and relevant to the services you provide and the results you can deliver. Contact the customers that you believe will provide adequate information about your business and the experiences they had while dealing with your company.

Case Studies:

Before and after images or a well-written summary that provides an overview of the company, the challenges they faced and how you helped them solve a problem will go a long way. Including case studies will help your prospective customers instantly recognise that you have the ability to solve their problems and will create credibility for your business. Customers are very selective and if they can relate to what you do and how you do it in proper case studies they are more likely to end their search here and work with you.

Press Mentions:

If your company has ever been mentioned in the press, featuring it on your website also adds credibility as it portrays you as an expert in your field. Customers relate to what they see written in the media. If you don’t have the budget to hire a PR company, websites such as helpareporterout.com can help you get into the press.

Affiliation Logos:

If you belong to industry associations or if you have been recognised by your peers or received awards then adding those affiliation logos on your website increases your credibility and will make prospective customers feel more secure in doing business with you.

Contact Information:

A number of websites today are forgetting that readily available contact information can be the difference between receiving a hot lead or missing the opportunity.  Making it difficult to locate your contact information immediately sets off red flags and also conveys a negative message that you have something to hide. It is important for prospective customers to see that they can reach you if they need to. Make your contact information visible on your each page of your website if possible.


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