It’s Time for Some Powerful Marketing: Get Internet Famous Using Social Media

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28 May 2014

The benefits of Social Media remain largely untapped by the majority of business owners.  If you can get this right, you can give your business a very big advantage.


Are aware of nuclear fusion reaction?  In simple terms, two lighter nuclei combine to form a heavier one; this process releases a lot of energy which leads to more reactions. Social media is very similar. When you interact with your clientele via social media, the result is basically much like a virtual fission reaction. The popularity you start experience results in more people joining in the process. This is a self-feeding chain.

Here are 4 ideas on using Social Media to create a positive impact for your business.

Step 1.

Setup a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin account for your business if you don’t already have one. Each of these target different audiences so choose the platforms that are right for your business.

 Step 2.

Start Building Followers – You can easily build followers by sending out an email to your customers and prospects and ask them to start following you on Twitter or liking your Facebook page. You can also build followers by integrating Facebook and Twitter on your website with clear call to actions. E.g. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter.  The goal is to leverage those in your followers’ network to build your audience. The average Facebook user has 150 followers and the average Twitter user has 208 followers.

 Step 3.

Start Engaging Your Followers – You can engage your followers on Twitter and Facebook by answering questions, posting short tips, quotes, sharing resources or articles. This will help keep your followers tuned in.  The more interesting and valuable content you put out; the more likely it is to be shared. Remember that people love to share useful articles, offers and quotes with their friends. Click here for ideas on engaging your followers on Facebook.

 Step 4.

Run a Contest – You can run a contest that requires people to share your page or tweet about your business. A contest doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact it could be a free consultation, a $100 gift card or even a free t-shirt; the goal is to do something that excites your audience so much that they are willing to participate. For example, you can run a Facebook contest where your followers have to share your Facebook page with their friends.


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