What are UX and UI and why do I need them?

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1 August 2017

You may have heard of UX and UI when talking about web design, but maybe you aren’t entirely sure what they mean. These principles are crucial to the experience of a person on your website and can really help to guide them down an enjoyable, online journey with your business. In this article, we explore the ins and outs of UX and UI.

What are UX and UI?

First thing’s first – what do these letters stand for?

  • UX stands for ‘User Experience’ and refers to the use of your website, product or service (in this blog, we’ll be focusing on UX for websites)
  • UI is the ‘User Interface’ that a person will interact with when they want to communicate with your business online.

It’s important to note that despite the similarities in the names, UX and UI are not interchangeable. A great UX design doesn’t mean that your UI design is also effective. UX and UI are both needed to make a design that achieves the goals you set for your website.


Why do UX and UI matter?

UX and UI are both related to the experience a visitor or customer has when they go to your website – it should be simple, efficient, pleasant and reliable. When users go to your website, you want them to find the content they need as quickly as possible, while enjoying their interaction with your business.

A good user interface means that a website’s design is clear and free from distractions. Navigation is simple and guides users to the most relevant pages. There is no confusion and the interface fits the typical online behaviour of your target audience.

If users have a poor user experience or run into a poor interface, they are less likely to revisit a website or explore it further. No customer wants to be frustrated when looking for the information they want, or use an interface that is unclear and confusing. That’s why having a professional developer with a background in UX and UI can really boost the number of views and visitors on your website.


Are UX and UI essential for my website?

UX and UI are not necessary for creating your website, but they are essential if you want people to come back to it.

Users respond significantly better to a website experience that is fast and satisfying while working with interfaces that are clear and well-designed. Effective UX and UI gives users a reason to revisit your website and helps to establish you as an authority. Having good UX and UI can mean the difference between a mediocre website and one that leaves a lasting impression in your customer’s mind.

If you’re looking to create a website that your audience will love, contact JTB. Using UX and UI principles, we’ll create an online experience that will have your customers coming back for more!”


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