Why Web Accessibility Matters

Web Development
28 May 2014

Ever been on a website and wondered why it hasn’t loaded on your browser? This is referred to as an accessibility issue.

Web accessibility is determined by a websites capability to reach different users on different devices.  When you consider the range of technologies within the market and the various browser updates which are released, web accessibility is a reoccurring issuing.


There are many reasons as to why a website cannot be fully accessed however the main issues include:

  • Old browsers (not updated to include new features etc.)
  • Browser updates
  • Slow internet connection
  • No flash or java
  • Browsing with no graphics
  • Different devices


A websites purpose is to target users and encourage them to take action.  Ideally the user will be encouraged to purchase a product or service, continue accessing further information or even engaging in dialogue with a company; however without adequate access, users will no doubt immediately switch off.  You are literally driving business into your competitors lap.


Spend some time on testing your websites performance.  Here are some things to consider:

  • What device is being used to access the site?  Try various devices and see how your site works.
  • What browser is being used? What if the user does not have the latest update?  Is your site browser compatible?  Check against some of the mainstream browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Explorer.
  • What if the device being used does not have the appropriate plug-in/software? (Apple famously does not allow Adobe Flash Player to run on its devices).
  • What if my user has low vision or any cognitive disability?  Is the text legible?  And is it easy to change the colour and size of the text by adjusting browser settings?


The internet has become an integral part of business life and increasing numbers of people are venturing online to find products, services and information. Remember however that all of these users won’t be arriving to your site in the same way so anticipate, think ahead and consider the various scenarios to ensure your site is accessible to all and does not lose out.


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