3 Tips to Beat the Complexities of Digital

Marketing, Tip and Tricks
6 April 2016

The online presence is a fickle beast.

You can build the most beautiful, search-friendly website with the best possible, engaging content, and still find yourself wanting for traffic. Or maybe you’ve collected thousands of followers on a range of social media platforms, but your website statistics are still dismal.



Because the online space is a complex arena built on a range of integrated platforms that need to be considered when attempting to build your audience base.

Understanding the best way to both reach and engage with your target audience while also managing to garner quality leads and conversions can be a difficult task. In this highly dynamic industry, best practice changes practically daily.


Having fingers in many pies is currently one of the best ways to get ahead. Putting together a strategy that involves a combination of great content alongside Digital PR can help move your business up in Google ranking and into the hands of quality consumers who are actively engaged with your brand or offering.


1.    Optimise your site for Search

Search isn’t dead; Google just changed the algorithm (again!). Ensuring that your website is search engine optimised is always best practice. Make sure your title, meta, alt and h1/h2 tags are written correctly and include your focus keywords.

2.    Write articles regularly

Google loves regularly updated websites and fresh content. Adding new content to your website regularly is vital to having your site crawled and potentially bumped up in search results. Make sure the content is organic and natural, with at least 300 words (in some cases up to 2000 words is ideal) and a keyword density of around 1-3% is ideal according to some experts.


3.    Practice Digital PR

There are a range of different activities you can perform in the realm of digital PR, but one of the most effective is infiltrating popular forums to both access and supply information. By scouring popular industry forums, you can get an idea for the types of information your target market is seeking so that you can answer it and redirect them back through to your website as a trusted source (rather than as an organisation). This is similar to influencer marketing, as you’re influencing peers in their native environment.

Increasing traffic to your site is complex and difficult – hence why there are so many companies built on doing just that. But with a little bit of know how and some creativity, you can get the basics started to give your website a fighting chance.

Jess Kumanovski, JTB Studios Account Manager
JTB Studios, Digital Agency Melbourne


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