5 Startup Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

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9 December 2015

So you’ve decided to invest in a startup. You’ve got the great idea; you’ve secured funding: now it’s time to engage with your audience.


In the digital age, your website is the home of your identity and one of the first destinations your audience will visit to learn about your business. It needs to do three things well:

1.    Make a great first impression
2.    Give the audience value
3.    Communicate your message

The best way to do this and give your startup the best chance at life is through great web design, although this can be hard to get right. Read on to find out the 5 web design mistakes that could jeopardise the success of your startup.

1.    Doing too much, too soon:
When you get started on a new project, it can be easy to get carried away looking at the big picture. Rather than trying to build everything you want the site to eventually be, break it down into phases and start with the Minimal Viable Product (MVP). You can continue to build new elements into the site over time as traffic and user engagement grows.

2.    Disregarding User Experience (UX):
User Experience looks at all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with your site. Building a site that does not consider UX could result in users leaving the site without your key message. At the core of UX is ensuring your users find value in what you are providing them in both content and the actual experience of using your site. Make sure the experience provided is aligned with your identity evokes the right emotional response.

3.    Overcomplicating the User Interface (UI):
The site’s User Interface should be simple and promote a high conversion rate. Done well, the UI coordinates the flow of the site and makes accessing your message as simple as possible for the user. A complicated User Interface causes barriers to entry and turns users away from your site and offering.

4.    Mistrusting Your Team:
You’re great at what you do, and you know that others need you: that’s why you’re offering your product or service as a startup. So when you employ web designers to sell your startup online: listen to them! Because there’s a pretty good chance they’re great at what they do, too.

5.    Forgetting that “You Get What You Pay For”
Depending on your startup offering, it can be tempting to cut costs with your online presence. The only problem here is that it can cost more in the long-term going with a cheap website that breaks or doesn’t give the user the best experience to learn about your company.


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