What are the benefits of creating user personas?

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12 November 2018

Imagine being able to understand your target audience, build a strategy aimed at the right people, and increase conversions based on these findings. These are just some of the benefits of creating user profiles and personas.

What are the benefits of creating user personas?

What’s the secret to getting consumers to buy your products or services? That’s easy: get inside their heads and give them what they want. Of course, this is an incredibly complex – but not impossible – task. The best way to achieve this is to create user personas for your brand. The expertise of a professional digital agency in Melbourne may help you to understand your user groups better.


You may have heard about user personas – those fictitious audiences that represent how your service, product or brand is perceived – but you might not necessarily know why they are extremely beneficial to your business.


User personas help you build a personality for the main group you’re targeting, and it’s one of the best things you can do for your brand – here’s a few reasons why.


You’ll be able to understand your target audience better


It goes without saying but it’s difficult to market a product or service to someone unless you understand who they are – this includes their likes, dislikes, and other factors that influence their purchasing decisions. By creating specific user personas, you will be better able to understand what it is they want from you as a business, which means you will be able to connect with them more effectively and give them what they truly want.

You can build a strategy aimed at the right people


Once you’ve developed your user personas, you can effectively adapt and segment your marketing strategy to deliver messages that are targeted to each personality.

Telstra is a great example of a brand that has successfully used different campaigns that speak to its segmented audience. For instance, Telstra targets the business persona who needs fast connections for work, as well as the family of four who require enough bandwidth for each month, and the millennial who wants the latest cutting edge mobile phone. These are three very distinct personas, which are all effectively targeted by Telstra.


By giving distinct personalities to your target audience, you can teach your customers how your brand fits into their lifestyle, and why they need to buy your products.

User personas helps you develop the right voice/tone for your brand


In order for your target audience to connect with your brand, they need to connect with your brand voice. Just like each person has their own ‘voice’, so too does your brand – and it’s important to match your core traits to your target audience.

By documenting your user persona’s wants, needs, and personality traits, the easier it will be for your products or services to speak to them. For example, if your brand embodies urgency, cheeriness and originality, your voice could be a ‘millennial.’ Knowing your voice is extremely useful as you can tailor your sales pitch and/or create products and services that are more closely aligned with what your target audience needs.

It allows you to make informed decisions about advertising


When you know your target audience, you know when and where you should be advertising to get their attention. By creating user personas, you are in a position to receive high quality leads and maximum exposure based purely on knowing where your target audience spends most of their time online.


For example, if your user persona is a 23-year-old female graduate who has an active social life, you’ll get more traction advertising your product or service via Instagram or Facebook, than say LinkedIn, which has an older demographic. By having this knowledge, you can invest more of your digital marketing dollars into specific platforms that you know will deliver a more successful outcome, instead of leaving your money on the table (so to speak.)


Do you want to understand more about your customers and increase conversions? Speak to us today about creating a persona user guide for your business or brand.


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