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8 August 2014

The footer is one of the most overlooked elements of a website, even though it’s on every page. Many businesses have put in minimal effort to make their footer effective by opting in for the usual copyright message. This misses the main purpose of a footer to give more information and include vital links.

The footer is related to a call to action. It’s at the bottom of a
webpage and points visitors elsewhere within the website. Is your footer owning up to its importance and providing website visitors helpful information?

Here are ways to make your footer awesome.

The Footer Isn’t an SEO Goldmine

As a website owner, SEO is very important to you and how you choose to layout your website. There are elements that properly help your SEO and can be compromised to follow Google rules – your footer shouldn’t be one of them. Your footer should be designed at the best interest of your target audience.

You can “cleverly” place as many links and keywords as you want, but Google will still realise it’s a footer and give it a low ranking value.

Instead fill the footer with content that may not have as many keywords, but is useful to your clients.

Ideas to Include

Although every footer will be different depending on your business type, footer style, etc., there should be a few elements included from the list below to make your footer pop.

-An About Section
-Main Navigation Links
-Blog Categories / Recent Posts
-Newsletter Sign-Up
-Legal Links
-Copyright Message
-Award Symbols
-Testimonial Slider
-Simple Contact Form
-Contact Information

Don’t Over Pile on Information

It may seem tempting to include excessive information in your footer like linking to everything you’ve ever done, and overcrowding the design.
This will waste your website space, distract visitors, and make it difficult to actually navigate the important information.

Keep as much minimalism in the design as possible, adding space
between each element. You want the content to be readable while still adding a visual flare to attract the visitors.

A better way to display your information is to create a sitemap (a
page that links to all of your website’s pages, blog posts, legal
information, etc.) and add that page link to the footer. This way,
your visitors can view all of the pages they need without you crowding the footer.

Get Creative

The best thing you can do for a great footer is get creative. Experiment with different designs and elements, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on your footer.

When a visitor stumbles upon your website there’s a high chance
they’ll scroll to the footer first to see if it’s worth staying.


If you’re using WordPress, find different widget plugins that add functionality and compliment your footer.

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