How to build Irresistible Websites by Designing for Emotion

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6 August 2014

A great website appeals to its audience’s emotion to encourage them to take action – whether it is to sign up for a newsletter or make a sale. With new advances on Google and terms like SEO, designers are no longer trying to design for the user; they’re doing their best to get ranked as high as possible in search engines.

Even being #1 in Google with increasing traffic won’t make your website effective if the traffic won’t convert to paying customers. Frank Chimero once said “People Ignore Design That Ignores People”.

Our emotional connection to design can come from relating memories, psychology, and even math. The top brands and products follow the guidelines of designing for emotion and that’s how they’ve became successful or translated their success to online environments.

If a user is intrigued emotionally by a design, they’re more likely to convert. So, how do you specifically design for emotion?

Make it Personal

People rarely respond to overused corporate design that doesn’t tell a business’s story or personality. Add a personal touch to your website to connect with your visitors and describe what you’re all about. This will apply to both the content and design.

How do you relate to your target audience? Design like you’re specifically designing for the average user and they’ll feel like your website is made just for them.

Colour Influences Emotions

Have you ever wondered why the major social networks all use the colour blue (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Behance, and LinkedIn to name a few)? Because blue is known to make you more alert and is the primary colour of intellect and communication. When it’s late at night and you’re on Facebook and can’t seem to get off, it’s because the blue everywhere is attracting you without you even knowing it.

Add Humour

Laughing or even smiling naturally improves a person’s mood and makes visitors comfortable with your business. Humour is a hard feature to master because there’s no way to generalise it to be funny to everyone (or without offending someone). Always remember, you won’t be able to please everyone.

An effective concept of humour is the Mail Chimp mascot – a friendly and welcoming cartoon. Try incorporating something of the same nature into your business.

Be careful not to go overboard on humour, it can distract and even annoy some potential clients.


When visiting your website, a user always needs reassurance of your company. This can be done by adding pictures of you and staff, or testimonials with links to the users who wrote them.

When we see a face, we automatically feel a connection with that person and the need to empathise with them.

While working on any design project, always keep your target audience in mind and how you can appeal to their emotion. Experiment with various colours, layouts, and content and determine which gets the best emotional response.

JTB Studios understand the fundamentals of designing for emotion. To learn how we can help attract and appeal to website visitors, visit


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