CASE STUDY: JV Recruitment: Is it time to re-design your website?

Web Development
20 September 2016

Once upon a time, just having a website for your business put you ahead of the competition. But with every technological improvement comes a new way for users to interact online, and a new reason to tweak your online presence regularly.

Does your site need to be updated?

If you’re unsure about whether your website needs to be updated, ask yourself the following questions:

  • When was your website built?
  • Is it mobile optimised?
  • Does it still reflect your brand or message?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Are you getting enough conversions?
  • Or is your bounce rate too high?

These are all valid questions when it comes to your business’s home on the World Wide Web. The way people use technology changes (sometimes rapidly) and this can create problems with user experience if a website hasn’t been updated to accommodate these new needs.

Best Practice evolves around User Needs

Identifying these changes usually comes from the top-down. Bigger corporation (such as Apple) analyse their websites and user experience using a range of technology to find out what users need from their site. They make minor adjustments regularly to the site – to the point where you may not even notice that they are doing it – until the way their site is used becomes best practice.


Benefits of updating a website.


CASE STUDY: JV Recruitment


Recently, JV Recruitment – whose niche is the construction industry – came to us with their existing website that was built 3 years ago but had dated quickly. As they had not made regular updates to the site over the years, the user experience did not conform to current best practice that had evolved rapidly.


The Key Issues & Solutions

The need to generate leads and submit candidate CV’s

One of the primary goals of the site is to generate leads, but the old site did not have a contact form and instead relied on users calling the office. This was a barrier to entry, as communication with the company was restricted.

As a recruitment website for the construction industry, it is imperative that applications and CV submissions for potential candidates is both easy and reflective of current trends. As other company websites have simple submission features, upgrading this aspect of the JV Recruitment website was important to the growth of the company. Our pop up ‘Quick CV Drop’ window makes it easy for applicants to make contact with the company and fast-track the recruitment process.

Mobile Optimisation

As the website primarily focuses on construction recruitment, most candidates access the site from their mobile phones, making mobile optimisation imperative to the future success of the website. Although mobile optimisation is standard across all new JTB Studios websites, this best practice update has huge lead potential by creating a better user experience.

Rebranding the company and the website

The branding of the company was outdated and needed a refresh to sit parallel with competitor construction recruitment agencies. Our designer wanted to stay away from obvious construction themes and kept both the branding and the website modern with a high-end feel.

A successful re-design

The new site offers users greater ease to quickly submit their CV or browse jobs in the construction industry from any device. Decreasing barriers to entry on a site are vital to encouraging users to take away your key message and increase the chance of conversions – which JV Recruitment will begin to see as users interact with their new site.

Small changes mean big results

Making minor changes regularly in line with current trends and best web practice is the key to getting the most life out of your website. Rather than waiting for a site to become out dated and need a redesign, making minor tweaks regularly can keep your site relevant for the longest possible timeframe.


Jess Kumanovski JTB Studios Account Manager
JTB Studios, Digital Agency Melbourne


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