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11 June 2014

Selecting a digital agency can be an incredibly daunting task. Your brand, exposure, and presence all depend on the quality of the agency you collaborate with. When choosing a digital agency, always be sure to select one that best fits the needs of your business and its clients.

Always make sure to research information about the agencies you are interested in. What are their average costs? Where are they located? Do they have solid recommendations? Has their work increased sales for any company? Make a list of the top firms you would like to work with and start eliminating the ones who don’t seem like the right fit for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in your search for the right service provider.

Past Case Studies

Viewing the agency’s previous case studies and testimonials can give you an idea on the calibre of work that the agency is capable of. You also want to see how other businesses were improved by the agencies services or products.  That way you can decide if this is what you were expecting from the design of your business website. This will also let you examine their design skills, what trends they are following, and what technology and knowledge they will bring to you.

Communication and Relationships

To have a successful end result, communication is essential during the process of digital services being delivered. Don’t be afraid to contact the agency and ask them how they will handle communication, project management, and further service maintenance. You should think of a digital agency as part of your on-going team. Which agency on your list is best in developing lasting relationships with clients?  Will they meet with you face to face or over the phone / email? Decide on what’s important to you and choose who you feel most comfortable with.


Service costs are a very important aspect in selecting a digital agency. Sometimes it’s okay to stretch out of your budget range if it means you will receive nearly unmatched quality. Don’t opt-in for an agency whose costs are way below the industry standard, this may mean they are compromising the quality of their services. Which agencies on your list are offering you the best return on investment?


You want to hire a digital agency that is highly experienced and up to date on the latest trends. Look for firms that have a considerable amount of past skill and practice with companies in your field. It is important to not only look for experience but for results as well. Has the agency worked with a company similar to yours and brought them results with the services they provided?

Selecting a digital agency is a very important process and should be given dedicated time, thought, and care.


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