How to Engage your Website Visitors

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6 August 2014

When an internet surfer searches for something online, they always look for a website that gets their attention.  But we are all different and something may get one person’s attention but others may not find it engaging. So, how can you create a website that is mutually engaging to a broad audience?

The internet has become a popular way of communication nowadays. People from all walks of life have been more engaged in internet surfing, playing online games, reading news on trusted websites or even chatting with family and friends online. Without being engaged, the chances a user will stay on a website longer than a few minutes are slim.

It is always best that a website will have a way to satisfy different types of users online. So, what are some ways to engage your audience?

Grab the user’s attention

A great introduction to the website will grab a visitor’s attention and make them want to learn more. Write a concise yet effective paragraph that speaks in the tone of your target audience. Make the content persuasive and irresistible – so they’ll have to read on.

Show contact details

Whatever type of website it is, don’t forget to show your contact details whether by email, phone, or mail. This will help your visitors to contact you in case they have questions or any information that they want to share. This will give you more avenues to continue communication with visitors, making your business more involved and engaged in the online community. This will also help prove to your visitors that your business is trustworthy, because you are agreeing to be held liable to the public for your services.

Write helpful content

Sharing useful information, or content, gives a very good first impression to visitors. Be generous with your ideas and use a soft tone when communicating because this shows that you care about them when they are buying your product or run into problems.

A great way to engage visitors with helpful content is a blog. Write quality articles with various tips to help your target audience. Newsletter subscribers and commenters can all become potential clients.

Create an effective “about” page

Would you purchase from a company you knew nothing about? Share few things about your business in order to show truthfulness and approachability. Present your personality and always direct the tone toward your expected consumer market. Don’t fill this page with the usual “Our priority is our clients” messages. Tell your story, build trust, and engage your visitors to learn more about your business.

Provide a positive and memorable experience

What makes your website different from others, how does it stand out? A unique website will create a great selling opportunity. If it’s a website that sells products, then don’t just advertise but show how it’s exactly used and tips on making use of the product in a meaningful way.

Whether visitors are just browsing because they are bored, or maybe they have specific inquiries, always remember to be very engaging, so your visitors will keep coming back.

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