Essential Design Tips for the Mobile Web

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6 August 2014

The latest trend within the last few years has been designing for the mobile web and ensuring a website can be viewed properly on all devices. A technology revolution is here and smartphones are at the center of it, influencing mobile views to rise.

With all this new buzz around smartphones, web designers and developers have to be conscious of tablet and phone versions of their websites or the visitor rates will steadily decline. Not every developer was taught how to incorporate mobility in their websites, but without it they’ll fall behind their competition.

For professionals who are still learning to bring this new technology in the way they design websites, here are some essential design tips to remember.

Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops

Designing for the mobile web isn’t just about optimising your website for the latest iPhone update. You have to be conscious of all of the devices your visitors use such as laptops, other brand phones, tablets, and every once in a while your website can even be viewed on a TV screen.

On your next web project think to yourself, “By putting this here, will it look right on smartphones and tablets? Will it be compatible?”

Keep it Simple

You probably have plenty of features on the desktop version of your website such as parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, and mega menus. These all shouldn’t be incorporated into the mobile versions. The mobile version is only a stripped down version that should consist of basic elements that get the point across.

Remember, not all elements are compatible with different phone brands, tablets, and laptops (such as in-browser videos on iPhone). The best way to ensure no complications arise, try to keep the mobile versions minimal.

Easy Navigation

With all website versions easy navigation leads to lower bounce rates and an increase in conversions. Difficult navigation leads the user away from your website, not because they’re not interested but because it’s hard for them to find the pages they want.

In a mobile website, the navigation should be thumb sized and hidden away by a menu bar so it’s out of the way of the content yet still accessed easily.

Effective Call to Actions

A mobile website is a good opportunity to place effective call to actions. A click to call button can automatically prompt potential clients to call your office. A click to email button can automatically bring up the smartphones primary email app with your email in the “to” line, this will bring in more conversion rates.

User Friendly UI

Just because a mobile website isn’t your primary website doesn’t mean it’s okay to slack off on the design. Try experimenting with different colours, layouts, and styles to find what works best for you.

Target your UI towards the audience you intend to sell to. Ensure the audience feels connected to your website, and build a sense of trust to convert the sale.

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