Why Good User Experience in Web Design is Crucial

Web Development
24 June 2015

UXD is the process of increasing the usability, receptiveness and enjoyment the user feels when interacting with the website or product.


The User Experience

Fundamental to a UX designers’ role is how the user feels about the website, the user experience. In order to ensure a user interacts with your product in a positive way, the product must be engaging while following a clear and logical sequence. This may seem obvious but with all the components that impact the overall user experience, the visual impact, the feel, the user interaction, the backend programming/development and way the information is laid out, there is a lot to consider. Serious investigation needs to take place to be able to anticipate how the user is going to perceive the website this includes identifying obstacles that will impact a clear flow in interaction of the product.


It is the role of a UX Designer to have the user experience at the forefront of their minds throughout the whole process from the Initial research and brief to the quality assurance and testing stage.


Research / Design Strategy

Fundamental to the design strategy is research. From researching the audience, the business and the by identifying the ultimate objectives of the stakeholders the UX designers can accurately set about conducting a competitor analysis. It’s this competitor analysis that creates the UX designers understanding what is expected in the industry and allows them to pinpoint areas that could be improved, so they can be innovative and create something truly cutting edge. A user persona and user journey helps the UX designers to comprehend the users motivations so they can accurately gauge the path the users will take to navigate the website.



Information Architecture

Information Architecture is where the site map, wire framing and prototype build take place. It’s the operation of laying out how the site will work. This is where all the important decisions regarding the functionality and interactivity of the website will be established giving the UI (user interface) designer the important framework to build their visuals around.


Below are some of the key considerations


  • Consistent, logical and intuitive navigation
  • Limited scrolling for important information or buttons
  • Supportive of all users interactions and activities
  • Ensure the information architecture promotes reaching project deliverables



UI (User Interface) and Interactive Design

This is where the website design layout is produced, the designer will apply all the visual elements and graphically create all the pages of the website, defining the visual guidelines for the site and ensuring all the information architecture scaffolding is taken into account.


While creating the layout the user interface designer may request different location arrangements for certain elements in order to promote engagement whilst keeping the user experience in mind.


As reiterated before as a UX designer, the user experience needs to be at the centre of every decision of building a website and elements may need to be changed throughout in order to ensure the user with interact with it in the intended way.

User experiences can be vastly different from one client to the next, so each project needs to be researched thoroughly and tailored to each individuals needs.


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