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6 August 2014

Whether you own a blog or online business, a newsletter is a great way to connect with website visitors, easily share your knowledge and updates, and engage users. A newsletter is a powerful marketing tool for your website that comes with a list of benefits.

You’ll stay updated in the mind of your potential customers, while building an established relationship with visitors that are interested in your product or services. For any newsletter campaign to be effective it has to be relevant, interesting, and most importantly updated.

Users are more likely to subscribe to newsletters that are not only professionally crafted but also well designed.

Optimize for Mobile

By checking your newsletter analytics, you’ll notice that a lot of your visitors are viewing your updates on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or any other mobile device. Is your newsletter design capable of functioning on all tablet and smartphone versions?

Your subscribers expect your newsletter to be as technologically advanced as they are. Without being optimised for mobile, the open rates will decrease while the bounce rates increase.

Convenience is the most important thing a user wants, and optimising your newsletter design for mobile is the best way to provide that to your subscribers. Say a subscriber is on the go and gets an email from you. They’ll want to read that newsletter right then and there; after they get home your email can be forgotten and lost in the pile with the rest.

Adjust the Layout

Newsletters come in different formats and layouts and should be adjusted according to the content. Ease of accessibility is essential when visitors are reading a summary, viewing products, or learning more about your company. The layout of your newsletter should help display information in an organised and uncluttered fashion so visitors can efficiently navigate through and find what they need.

The two typical options for newsletters are single or multiple layout columns. A single column layout is easier on the eyes but will take a longer time to scroll through, increasing the chances of more content being unread. A multi column layout is the most common structure. A narrow column on the side acts as a sidebar to host table of contents and important news while the other side displays the main content.

Experiment with Images and Colours

While the content and relevance of your newsletter will hook a user to sign up, a user friendly design will keep them subscribed throughout the months. Upon opening your newsletter, the first thing a subscriber notices is distinguished graphics, colours, and fonts.

Use graphical elements, calls to action, and colours to point a user to the most important information and updates.

Keep it Simple

The worst thing you can do for a newsletter campaign is overcrowd the design. Subscribers want to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Try adding white space, incorporate minimal design, and try not to linger on with the content.

JTB Studios is a leader in email newsletter design services and aims to increase subscribers and traffic. To get started, visit today.


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