HTML5 ads – no more flash for Holiday Inn & Tripadvisor

Web Development
5 October 2015

With the likes of Google and Amazon putting the final nail in the coffin of flash ads on the web it’s finally time for HTML5 to take the reigns.

Why HTML5, why now?

Simply: security and performance. Flash has long been a common entry point for hackers and along with the recently discovered security issues earlier this month, continues to put users at risk over and over again. The performance benefits of HTML5 are also a major incentive for companies like Google, Amazon and Apple to convert to HTML5.

The increase in page load time as well as the battery drain Flash ads have on devices is one of the main reasons Google’s Chrome division has decided to curb Flash’s influence on the web browser by automatically pausing Flash ads in all it’s latest releases. As the world’s most used web browser, Chrome’s stance on Flash ads has been the catalyst for change in an industry in which Apple’s iOS devices have long since blocked Flash ads due to performance. This, along with it’’s efficient performance and similar functionality, has seen Flash fall by the wayside and HTML5 rise to take its crown.

The benefits of HTML5

The world wide web is almost completely structured on HTML so what better language to take up the mantle that Flash will soon vacate. HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language” and 5 being the fifth major release of the popular markup language. It’s been the web’s go to language for structuring websites since it’s inception over 20 years ago. It’s ability to easily render multimedia content, such as video and audio, makes it an attractive alternative to advertisers and marketers along with being capable across any device that can render a web page, mobile included.

Mobile is the biggest coup. With most of the web using mobile devices nowadays, the need to offer interactive ad content has never been greater. it’s also lightweight and has the ability to be responsive, meaning HTML5 ads can adapt device, screen or space.

Why HTML5 appeals to digital markets & advertisers

Marketers and advertisers have never had it so good. Gone is the need for multiple ad sizes and a myriad of files to keep track of. HTML5 responsive nature offers a “one ad for all sizes” solution. This kind of approach is easily updatable and gives creatives more room to tweak and change the ad to seek higher conversions. The dynamic nature of HTML5 ads also offers new ways in which to target and measure conversions with the ability to advertise more sophisticated and engaging content to consumers.

The shift in consumer behaviours towards advertising on the web since the 90’s has changed dramatically. A more dynamic and personalised approach is now available to marketers and advertisers to implement as they see fit. The sky’s the limit for the future of web ads.

Holiday Inn & Tripadvisor early adopters

JTB recently had the opportunity to work with Holiday Inn and Tripadvisor to implement their new advertising campaign on Holiday Inn’s anticipated return to Cairns. The ads were to be animated, a common trait of Flash ads but easily achieved in HTML5 through the use of javascript libraries such as GSAP and Velocity, and meet a certain criteria set by Tripadvisor.

The results, which can be seen below, show ads that are more performant and more lightweight than Flash ads whilst still being capable of using all the latest technologies such as custom fonts and svg images along with the latest web technologies.


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