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13 May 2014

Creating sites destined for success is a tough task. It requires a lot of planning, testing, and data analysis.  In the end it all it comes down to conversions.

Conversion rates are defined as the percentage of the number of customers who undertake a specific action on your website. It could mean the percentage of visitors who contact you, fill out a form, or purchase an item from your online store. It could also mean the amount of business you are able to generate. It is thus equally important to focus on your conversion rate as well as your website traffic.


Allow us to share our thought and points that can help you boost conversion rates and hence the number of clients and sales:


Contact Information:

If the contact information on your website is clear then it creates confidence for visitors that translates into sales. Consider adding live chat even when phone numbers are provided.



A Guarantee on Products/Services or Money back guarantee does wonders and works in your favour by instilling confidence in your potential clients.


Social Proof:

Case studies and testimonials are very essential to your online business and in most cases is the difference between choosing you or your competitor.



Headlines on a web page is the first thing that your customers will notice. Make good use of them. An attractive headline could compel the visitor to read more and obtain additional.  This dramatically increases conversion rates.


Product or Service Images:

Providing details about your product or service in mere text is not enough. Giving your visitor an opportunity to view your product goes a long way.  Buyers like to see what they are getting.  Offer as many images as possible.



A short video describing your product or service will go a long way in improving conversion rates.  Videos are a means for increased interaction and sites with good video content will generally retain people on a site for longer.


Free Trial button:

Email marketing  statistics have shown a great response to sites which offer a “Free Trial” button placed on the website as opposed to a “Buy Now” button. Free trial offers indicate a genuine confidence from the seller and visitors tend to buy more in such instances.


Popup forms:

Small popups are known to boost email subscriptions. Subscribers (when properly targeted) do turn into sales. Ensure you do not abuse this or your visitors will translate to a high bounce rate. Offer valuable freebies with pop ups for a limited time.


Next-day shipping:

Those websites that offer the earliest and quickest shipping are generally the winners in consumer choices.  Be better than the guy next door and do things a bit quicker.


Free Shipping: 

Research indicates that people like free shipping.  It gives buyers a sense of finding a bargain.  So think about working shipping prices into your product cost.


It is vital for any business an with online presence to increase conversion rates so that profitability and revenue can be improved. Not all conversion optimization techniques require a scientific approach. Most of it is basic and requires very little time and money. Start by speaking to your customers and collect all the feedback you can.


Track your conversion rates and work towards improving them over time. Stay in touch with your customers and obtain feedback. This can potentially open new ideas on driving your online sales.



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