How to increase engagement in the education sector

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21 October 2020

Would you say no to a 10% increase in school enrolments? If not, it’s time to implement a smart digital strategy now that will pay off for years to come.

We’ve worked on projects for a number of prestigious schools Australia wide so we’ve come to know and understand the education industry quite well.

We had an interesting chat about our insights and the impact digital is currently having on the education industry. To keep up to date read the transcript of the full interview below with Aaron Fraser, our Head of Digital.


What impact does digital have on the education industry?

Alisha: Hi Guys we’re here at JTB Studios today and I’ve got Aaron our Head of Digital here, Aaron thanks for having a chat with me today…

Aaron: No worries…

Alisha: We’ve got lots of clients in the education sector at the moment. Can you tell me a little bit about these clients?

Aaron: Yeah sure so we’re working with clients from private schools, high schools, universities, trade institutes, department of educations, are really I guess broad range of clients from students enrolling into high schools or we’ve got people enrolling into courses like short course, large courses some are subsidised some are not.

Alisha: Cool! So what’s some of the challenges you find some of them face?

Aaron: Typically I guess you can patternise some of the challenges to over time they have built up a good reputation in their courses, facilities and faculties however they are trying to push into digital now and automate some of the processes, streamline them and make collaborative spaces.

Alisha: How about enrolments. Do you find they struggle with enrolments or are your clients ok with enrolments and it’s more about user experience?

Aaron: Yeah I guess I would say it’s a little bit of both, so the end goal is always enrolments and that reflects on the quality they can give back to the organisations. Definitely user experience to increase enrolments I would say is the main thing.

Alisha: I guess another common question many industry education industry professionals would ask is what is cost per acquisition? Because it’s a term we hear all the time, but not everyone knows what it means.

Aaron: Yeah so for education the cost per acquisition would be all the costs involved with getting an actual enrolment and actual student to participate in a course, so I guess you take the amount they purchased and take how many leads into account and how many acquisitions and as a result you end up with cost per acquisition, whether its $4000 per acquisition or $200 per acquisition, so our aim is always to reduce the cost per acquisition.

Alisha: And on some of the projects you’ve worked on, I guess what are some of the changes you’ve actually seen, like the impact your work has had on the actual industry?

Aaron: So I reckon as a standard obviously user experience and expectations of design and a level of premium for the actual universities or educational organisations has increased, we’ve had an overwhelming response to the actual design, won multiple designs for the user flows, user experience and the actual coding and how it responds to the website but also obviously and increase in engagement, increase in donations to universities, increase in enrolments and overall meaning an increase in the amount of funding they can put back into their courses and marketing to actually create better courses and hire better facilitators and lecturers.

Alisha: Last of all is there any sort of suggestions you would give any clients in the education industry as to how to improve their enrolments, like from a design perspective?

Aaron: Yeah so probably where we always start is with a really good strategy, understanding exactly what you are trying to achieve what you are actually pursuing as a cost per acquisition, looking at the exact user types that are interacting with the courses are there any user types that aren’t interacting with the courses and we can start attracting and once we have a clear understanding of the overall strategy then we can pursue exactly how we design the site , what kind of campaigns we’re going to be running, given as specific as what navigation structure we are going to be use. So I would probably start with; you’ve got to know your user types, do some really good user experience, get some really concrete user flows in place so you can create excellent information architecture to make problem solving decisions.

Alisha: There’s a lot more that goes in than just a beautiful website, there’s a lot of underlying problems and solutions that you’ve obviously provided, you’ve got experience in that area so I think this has been really helpful for anyone in the education industry to increase and generate more online enquiries and enrolments.

For data-driven solutions to improve your business speak to us today, we’d love to hear from you.

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