JTB Masterclass #1: The difference in traffic between First Page Google positions

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12 August 2016

So you’re on the first page of Google: Congratulations!

Incredibly, 91% of people don’t click past the first page – so this is a feat in itself and you’ve probably noticed your traffic and leads have spiked.


But did you know that there is a HUGE difference in traffic depending on your position on Google’s first page?


According to a study from chitika, the No.1 spot on Google receives an average of 32.5% of overall first page traffic – and it’s all downhill from there. Second position receives 18% and third gets only 11% of traffic.


First position offers more benefits than just increased traffic.

The higher up your site is ranked on Google, the greater authoritative perception your brand or site automatically receives.


Think about it: the Google machine uses a complex algorithm to allocate ranking. We’re conditioned to believe that SERP results infer quality, and if Google thinks you’re a reliable and informative source worthy of the top spot, then that value rubs off on your reputation.

What's the big difference between Google First Page rankings? Click to find out!

Ranking above the fold has serious benefits to your traffic.

When first page positions dip below the bottom of the screen, traffic drops drastically to 2-3%. Position 7 receives on average 3.5% of traffic, while position 10 only receives 2.4%.


With the introduction at the beginning of the year of 4 Google Adwords at the top rather than 3, where you rank on the first page is even more important than ever.


The additional paid advertisement pushes listings below the fold when they otherwise would have been visible at first glance, meaning you have to work harder for traffic than before.


Ok – so what’s the solution?

The most obvious solution is to take out the coveted #1 spot – but this is, of course, easier said than done. There are a range of ways to move your site up the Google ladder, including onsite & offsite SEO and high quality content marketing.


There are plenty of online resources to optimise your site for SEO, although it can feel a bit overwhelming after a while. If you’ve found yourself on the front page of Google for your keywords but can’t quite seem to bump into the top spot, it may be worth finding an industry professional to give your site the boost it needs.


Jess Kumanovski, JTB Studios Account Manager
JTB Studios, Digital Agency Melbourne


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