Mobile Website trends to look out for in 2014

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21 May 2014

Recent reports show that mobile eCommerce is quickly outpacing desktop devices.  It is expected that mobile will overtake desktop Internet use sometime in 2015.

This means that websites need to be mobile-friendly to capture and retain an audience moving forward.  In fact, your chances of online success are rather bleak if you are not ready for your mobile visitors.


Here are some of the latest mobile website design trends that can give your mobile strategy a kick-start in 2014:


#1. Keeping Things Simple


The user interface of latest mobile devices is now going flat. Flat design refers to the removal of design elements which give the illusion of three-dimensions such as drop shadows, gradients, or textures. A flat design looks simple and is easy on the eyes. One of the biggest benefits of going flat is improved website loading time.  The other benefit is an enhanced user experience.  Improving user experience means that your audience is more likely to stay on your site and connect with your message.


#2. Applying Infinite Scrolling


The infinite scrolling technique is becoming increasingly popular in the world of web design.  This has arisen partially because it is fairly simple to execute but more importantly because it works so well on mobile devices. As mobile devices have a low screen width it seems increasingly logical to create a mobile website where visitors can scroll down to navigate through information. Moreover, this saves the visitor from having to click through menus. The key to getting this right is ensuring that your content is properly organised.


#3. Integrating Videos


Mobile websites now have less textual content and more white space. Instead of using too many words and making a mess of things, website owners are integrating relevant videos. Videos use up less space than textual content, and the white space makes the mobile website look a lot cleaner and organised. Visitors generally find these websites much more likeable and attractive.


These are the top 3 mobile website design trends that you need to keep in mind in 2014.


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