How to Perfect Minimalism in Web Design

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5 August 2014

Over the last few years, web design has been improved by various trends that have come and gone, all making a statement. One of the styles that has had a great influence is minimalism, simply since it’s a timeless idea that has been admired in many advertising mediums through the ages.


A complaint of several internet users over the years has been that various websites are just too complex to navigate. There is too much material going on within the website that makes the consumer experience poor – negatively effecting sales and conversion rates.


The old saying that “less is more” still rings true, particularly when it applies to design in the 21stcentury.

Flat Design Compliments Minimalism

We all know that flat design is fundamentally the design world’s reply to skeuomorphism, which has dropped out of favor in a large way lately, with Apple being a major influencer of this sea of transformations. Flat design is particularly characterized by a lack of drop shadows, 3D effects and gradients; it as well uses bold and lively colours to attract the eye of the user. One giant brand that has embraced flat design in an impactful way is Microsoft.


This style also includes typography that employs a variety of fonts for headlines as well as body copy, a design that presents no textures, a page outline that is very clean, as well as icons and buttons that are lively with no special effects or features.

Include White Space

Whatever you desire to call it, negative or white space is not only a remarkably smart design constituent that guides the eye to go wherever you want it to go on a web page, but it is also a standard-carrier for minimalism. More and more websites are going to this design method as they understand how helpful it is.


The single-best instance of white space in all the web is probably the website that you use multiple times a day without noticing the beautiful design of minimalism. I am talking about probably the most popular website, Google. This website is a lesson in white space, minimalism, flat design, and simplicity.


While white space is an ideal instance of minimalism, it has to be remembered that it does not symbolise a lack of content or bare design. It is actually a very smart design tactic that unclutters a website, makes the content readable, and helps a user feel free and relaxed while utilising a website.

Minimalism works if you recognise how to use it

State the word “minimalism” to some web designers, and they turn out to be apprehensive since they wrongly consider that an overly simple site design would be unattractive. As the above example demonstrates, though, nothing can be farther from the truth.


Done correctly, minimalism in website design could lead to several new and hot styles like flat design or help make website owners more cash by increasing conversions whenever choice is limited.


JTB Studios can craft a website that incorporates the right amount of minimalism. To get started and learn more visit


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