Personalisation and E-mail Marketing. What does it mean for me?

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23 January 2020

Personalisation and e-mail marketing


Standing out in email communication is paramount to generate goal conversions. Personalisation will be key to email marketing in 2020, building trust with customers to generate conversions, and one should not underestimate the power of artificial intelligence.


Email marketing is set to become the predominant personalisation channel in 2020 and it comes as no surprise that 69% of marketers want to develop it in the coming year. With email marketing having an average return on investment (ROI) of 3,800 percent, and being the third most influential source of information after word of mouth and thought leaders, one needs no further incentive to put it on the top of their to-do list.


But what does personalisation exactly mean? What can I do to implement it? And what will the benefits be?


What is personalisation?

Personalisation is the act of tailoring communication with users, referring to personal information (name, gender and age) but also to the segment they belong to.


Segmentation is based on certain criteria, such as demographics, geographies, behaviour and psychographics. This supposes managing and sorting customers’ data to create segmented lists to deliver more relevant emails. Using personal information opens up communications’ opportunities, by sending messages on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as thank you and welcome emails.


Beyond content, personalisation also impacts the email frequency and time of sends. By studying customers’ details and journeys, I can identify when and how often they will want to be directly notified about specific products, events or services.


And this works! Segmented email marketing campaigns have a 14.64% increased open rate and 59.99% more clicks compared to non-segmented campaigns.


However, always remember to go beyond the first name when sending automated triggered emails. You want to build trust to generate goal conversions.


Building trust to generate goal conversions.


Personalisation constitutes an incredible avenue for marketers to develop brand loyalty, understand and nurture their visitors, and of course generate goal conversions (CTR, registrations, sales etc.). 


But for personalisation to work, it has to be relevant, carefully curated and appear as genuine. As a marketer, I have to wonder where this sits within the relationship I have with my customer and their journey through my various digital channels.


If my personalisation efforts appear to not have been properly thought through, this will backfire, coming across as amateurish or with the intent to upsell. Remember some key figures:

  • 63% of consumers are highly annoyed with generic advertising blasts
  • 80% say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers genuine personalised experiences
  • 90% claim they find personalisation appealing

As personalisation requires to study large chunks of data, and often provide real-time communication, artificial intelligence comes as a powerful tool.


The power of artificial intelligence


Depending on your industry, you will need to equip yourself with the best tools to generate adaptable and tailored communication for your customers. So, when looking for an email marketing platform, ensure it caters for personalisation.


This is especially true for e-commerce, where users can be volatile and exit the marketing funnel at any time and for any reasons.


AI comes in handy to monitor browse or cart abandonment. Companies send customers emails, reminding them about products they left in their cart, at a time when they would be more likely to complete the purchase. AI is also incredibly helpful when it comes to recommending partner products.


Remember that the biggest challenge is building trust and making sure your recommendations are perceived positively and actually helpful.


Want to build a more intimate relationship with your customers that will lead to goal conversions? Enlist the help of JTB studios and contact us now.


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