Who is this “Polished Man” and how did we help him?

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19 November 2018

Despite what the heading suggests “Polished Man” is not a person, but a movement. In October, Polished Man challenged all men and women to paint their fingernails and spark a conversation about ending violence against children.

Together, with Polished Man, we are challenging all men and women to help end violence against children. Our contribution to Polished Man, along with your donations, allows for trauma recovery and trauma prevention for children all around the world.


Because it shouldn’t hurt to be a child”


Our journey with Polished Man began recently when we were given the opportunity to support them with our expertise. Specialising in online digital solutions and our ability to deliver an empowering and user intuitive website design aligned us perfectly with Polished Man.


What we actually did?

We created a seamless experience for any user on the Polished Man website.

We created a functional website where donated items can be auctioned, with the proceeds going to their cause. The backend design is fully customisable for their needs, with modular auction items and live current bid functionality.

Our objective was to increase their reach to a wider audience online and to gather as much engagement for the cause as possible.

We worked alongside Lacuna Agency who were extremely helpful in the delivery of the website.

If you have a good cause that needs assistance, we would love to be apart of it. Contact JTB Studios for a digital strategy today!


Some not so digital details

JTB felt we could really resonate with Polished Man as there are a few emerging themes in the company which align with our company motives.

We believe in our own culture at work and the impact it has on us, so we wanted to also support families who don’t have that type of culture.

During October everyone in the studio had their nails painted to help spark the conversation. We are all highly influenced by and involved in the digital world here at JTB, so it was nice for us to really get involved.

Some of the team also put in a few late nights to get everything built within such a short deadline, but the enjoyment we got out of being able to share our service with such an important foundation was worth every minute!


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