The Secrets of Successful Website Content

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6 August 2014

The goal of successful website content is to boost SEO rankings, attract new visitors, and establish a unique relationship between the website and the visitor. There are many websites today with poorly crafted content featuring grammar errors, spelling issues, and more. These websites are suffering from their lack of professional content.

For your website to measure up to its potential, the design and content needs special attention. Without engaging content, users will be prompted to leave your website before really even starting to look around.

While the design attracts a reader’s attention, the content is the ultimate converting point for potential clients. So, what in particular makes website content successful?

Make it Personal

If you decided to purchase web design services, which would you choose a website with a great welcome message and personal tone or a website with filler content that sounds like just another large company? The same goes for many of your visitors.

Here are some tips for personal website content:

  • Develop your own style of writing
  • Don’t plagiarise or even “rewrite” published content
  • Add personality to show users what you’re about
  • Add humour – laughing improves emotion
  • Make the content relevant to your target audience

Tell visitors your name, your story, and why they should choose you.


Edit it again and again

Once you’re confident your website content is ready to be published, editing the document one time isn’t enough. If you want to be known as knowledgeable in your field, you have to edit it until you feel it’s right.

Editing doesn’t only mean the occasional spelling and grammar mistakes, even changing sentence structure before launch is fine.

Some common errors in website content are:

  • Writing rubbish content
  • Sentences are too long, distracts the user
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Typos
  • Adding filler content to fill up space
  • Not getting the point
  • Sentences are jumbled together


A website visitor will most likely skim content on a webpage to find the most important information at a glance. Structure and organise your content neatly with a numbered list, bullet points, and other ordered writing features.

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The best copywriters allow their words to flow out their reader’s mouth without much effort at all. Read the content to yourself. Are you finding yourself mess up and stumble on words you shouldn’t? Mix up sentences and eliminate ones that take longer than the other ones.

It should be like you’re having a face to face conversation with a good friend. Become aware of the message you want to send and make sure by the end of the page that message is received.

Target your Audience

This may seem like an obvious tactic, but you’ll be surprised how it helps in the long run. For example, if your target audience is teenagers, don’t speak in a difficult tone with an overly serious vocabulary. Instead make your writing style more laid back and humorous.

JTB Studios houses a team of expert writers who are looking forward to craft your website content.


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