Is Your Small Business Website Failing? Here are the Possible Reasons

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14 May 2014

Websites have become an integral part of how many people run their businesses these days.  If designed properly, it should be generating interest or leads in your product.

If you’re a small business owner, you might be wondering why your website is not generating results for your business.  There are some common mistakes that we come across on websites and these are generally some of the easiest and quickest issues to address. A website defines your business; it is your online business card.  So make sure that you are giving your visitors what they want to see.  Ensure you have arranged it in a systematic way which runs parallel with the consumers mind.


Difficult? Not really. Here are 6 helpful hints.


1. Old is not gold


Many business owners have remarkable acumen in the real world but the virtual zone is literally alien to them. Presentation on a website counts and giving it an old ratty look is a big ‘no no’. Brand, theme, logos and charts are all a part of the package. Use them.  Make sure the aesthetics of your site are working in our favour.


2. Give them a heads-up


If your site has music blaring from every other click, it will literally scare off your visitors. It is akin to the “Jack in the box” which jumps out of nowhere. Make sure you are not leaving your visitors shocked or turned off.


3. If it’s Messy, it isn’t working


Your website is supposed to be an information provider.  It shouldn’t be a confusing jigsaw which doesn’t make head or tail.  A site has to be systematic and symmetric. All information about your services or products has to be found where it should be or where your visitor would expect to find it. This is not the place to experiment. Follow the norms.


4. Contact details!


A potential visitor that likes your product or service needs to have your contact details available to them as often as possible.  Make sure your site is always communicating  your contact details to the visitor no matter what page he or she is on. All your social media, newsletter subscription services, buy now or call now options should be visible. A lot of today’s business owners neglect this simple rule . Put the call option on top of your website.


5. Its outdated


Fashion changes, trends change and peoples expectations change. If your website doesn’t change you will fall behind.  Update your content and give your visitors incentive to come back to your website. Make sure you are checking in on your visitors sites to see what they are offering on their website.


6. Broken Links


Make sure that the links on your website actually work.  Check for errors regularly.  Visitors are less likely to buy from websites with broken links because it suggests a lack of maintenance and interest from the sites owners.


7. Your know where to be seen


Mark sure you have left a virtual footprint. Register on Yelp, Google maps and any other places you can find opportunities to.  Make sure you are easy to find. Get famous. If you miss that, even a great site will never attract the deserved popularity.


If you require assistance with your website – get in touch with us. We can come up with a strategy that will help you realise your business’s full online potential and help you grow for many years to come.


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