How Sponsored Advertising Can Help Grow Your Business

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4 August 2014

Marketing and advertising serves as an outlet for promotion and awareness for your business. Your website would accumulate very little visitors, sales, and internet status without the efforts of online marketing. Sponsored Advertising helps to further build your customer list, grow your business, and increase sales by broadening your online presence. Facebook and Google are two highly ranked websites that offer advertising to enhance your overall business.

Here’s a list of the two types of sponsored advertising and their benefits:

Google Ads

Google is the #1 leading search engine and highly affects your website visitors and sales. Ranking high in this search engine will increase your website traffic and page rank value. Google has different types of ad placements including in the sidebar, top panel, and related websites that customers would visit often. You are able to decide which websites suit your marketing needs the most.

With Google ads, you create relevant and effective keywords that internet users will search for when they are in need of a product or service. Upon using AdWords, your business listing will be ‘sponsored’ and appear at the very top of the results. This will help people that are already interested in your services to find you with ease.

When setting up your AdWords account, you set your ‘pay per click’ budget – the higher that rate is, the higher your listing will appear.

If your pay per click rate is $0.25 cents and your daily budget is $50, then you have up to 200 clicks available.  Once this budget is exhausted your ad will no longer be sponsored until you decide to add more credit to your account.

Google Ads also offers specific targeting options and tracking tools to let you test your marketing efforts and adjust your campaign to best suit your business.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the largest online social networks in the world and is a great advancement in affordable advertising. At the end of 2014, the website reportedly accumulated over a billion active account members. Facebook Ads offers an opportunity for your business to engage with the rising number of potential customers and have your brand seen by millions. Facebook Ads gives you the option to select your budget and target audience ensuring that each click is focused and more likely to convert to a sale.

Facebook is very beneficial in increasing your visibility and presence on the web. Not only does it give you a solid link in search engines, it connects individuals who share common interests.

Ads on Facebook are placed in the sidebar and generally consist of your logo, headline, and a short sentence describing your services or product. According to Facebook, their ads “reach 89% of its intended audience while alternative mentods of online marketing reaches only 38%”.

As with Google, Facebook Ads works off a daily budget.  So if you decide to set your daily budget between $5 and $25, Facebook Ads will give you an estimate of the total number of users your ad will ideally reach that day.

Want to increase your business revenue today with an affordable solution? Both Facebook and Google ads are highly effective in reaching your target audiences to close more sales.


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