Upcoming design trends in 2019 for UX and UI

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13 March 2019

When it comes to your website, you only have one chance to make a positive first impression. Delivering a high-quality User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) from the get-go is integral to the success of your product or experience. So, it’s important to know the latest UX and UI trends to ensure your business is always ahead of the curve.


Upcoming design trends in 2019 for UX and UI


While certain online trends may come and go (Comic Sans, anyone?), designing with user experience in mind is and always will be a top priority when it comes to modern web design.


User interface and user experience design have equally important roles, as a website that looks good but is difficult to use is an example of great UI and poor UX. However, a website that is usable yet looks appalling is an example of great UX and poor UI. So, with that in mind, here’s upcoming website market trends that you should keep an eye on in 2019.


1. Voice-activated commands will continue growing


While using just the power of our voices to send texts or even search Twitter to see what Kylie Jenner is saying might be nothing new, it is predicted that in 2019, search engine optimisation activities will cater to long voice-command queries. Alexa and Siri have both been embraced by users and designers alike, and its appeal lies in the redundancy for type – a source of friction for users.


TIP: Consider implementing voice-activation capabilities in your design and business strategy.


2. Content is still king


No surprise here, but easily accessible and well-curated content is still one of the best ways to make a product appeal to its target audience. However, this time around, there’s a twist: one of the biggest website trends in 2019 will be the ability to tell compelling stories.


TIP: Understand your user’s motivations and inspirations to help make your product a repeat destination.


3. Increased personalisation

Similar to remarketing and conversational chatbots, 2019 will see UX trends extend to even more personalised user experiences, such as access to instant assistance on a website, age-responsive capabilities (for example, adjusting font sizes based on the user’s maturity), and even push notifications delivered to when a user is most active.


TIP: Focus on components such as transparency and security, as personalisation taps into universal human needs.


4. Time-saving design features


With the average user nowadays having short attention spans, a strong focus on new website trends for 2019 will be to find ways to save time. For example, making certain features visible only when it is necessary to the user, designing with common user navigation patterns in mind, and gentle pop-up suggestions when performing specific functions during the user journey.


TIP: Focus on designing UX features that will save time for users without compromising on a quality user experience.


5. An end to common annoyances

There’s certain design features that are either confusing and frustrating to users (or both!), such as passwords, the hamburger menu, and mobile screens vs. PCs.


When you consider how many apps a user will access every day, and how many passwords that amounts to, it can be overwhelming to remember every bit of info. It’s predicted that verification codes will soon be replacing passwords in 2019 and beyond.


Further, upcoming website navigation trends have predicted the hamburger menu disappearing and being replaced by a tab-based menu.


Lastly, designers will become more meticulous with colour selection and font size in 2019 to ensure what looks great on PCs will translate well to its mobile counterparts.


TIP: Don’t be afraid to embrace new website trends and ideas that sound foreign: there’s a reason they’re in demand and increasing in popularity.


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