Ways in which Website redesign helps your Business

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21 May 2014

Have you ever considered if your website is actually working against you??? Have you looked at your websites conversion data?

Although most business owners appreciate the importance of having a website, a vast proportion of them do not realise the negative impact of having a poorly designed website.

Here are 4 Ways a professional website redesign can help your business.

A Well Executed Website Redesign Will Increase Credibility & The Perception of Professionalism

A professionally designed website helps increase your credibility as a business and helps you display a professional image. The Internet really gives small business a level playing field with their larger competitors.  The key is to offer visitors something more or something better than what the larger companies do.  Leveraging your web strength to attract more customers is a very powerful business strategy.


A Well Executed Website Redesign Will Increase Online Inquiries & Leads

A professionally designed website includes a clear strategy.  It should have all the elements needed to engage your website visitor, a clear call to action and allow for a positive user experience. Website templates or cheap small business websites have no strategy behind it; they consist of content which has been thrown together and images and information which often add very little value to the website.  They lack a clear value proposition or unique selling points and most importantly they fail to connect with the visitor.  Make sure your website is unique and is easy to follow. Make sure that you are utilising the planning phase of building your website and ensure that the functions of your website are well thought through.


A Well Executed Website Redesign Increases Sales

More leads means more opportunities for sales.   Make sure you are regularly checking in on your websites performance.  If you are currently attracting 100 visitors to your website and only 5 of those are contacting you, then you might want to re-evaluate your websites performance.  A well executed website can increase your conversion rates.  Make sure that your website is working with you, not against you.


A Well Executed Website Redesign Lowers Your Cost Per Lead

Using the above example, if you are able to double the amount of leads that you are getting without investing in advertising, then you have lowered your cost per lead.  Make sure that your website is producing good results for your business.


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