How Wearable Technology will impact Web Design

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6 August 2014

It is undeniable that technology has made our lives easier. We often wonder how our ancestors were able to cope with daily tasks without the help of technology back in the day. Well, I assume they finished their tasks at a slower rate than we do now and probably had more time to think too.

Technology has taken over our world and has affected every aspect of it – including web design. From large computers to slim tablets, waterproof phones and smart TVs, it’s hard to predict what the next big thing will be. Well, technology is rapidly evolving whether we like it or not and has recently opened up a new aspect: wearable technology.

Wearable technology basically comes in the form of eyeglasses like Google glass and wrist wear like Samsung’s new watch. These devices are specifically made to be very light for our convenience, and are all the rage through the country.

So, how will this newfound wearable technology affect the ever changing web design world?

Why is wearable technology fast growing?

  1. Humans are naturally drawn to technology and what is has to offer. Its features, functionality, and benefits provide a strong market demand.
  2. Users want easy accessibility meaning wearable technology will soon be the go-to way to view websites.
  3. Users want a trendy device that can easily be carried around while still providing the functionality they require.

How will this wearable technology impact web design?

When the mobile technology was introduced, it challenged the web design field to generate responsive pieces of digital communication. In a similar way, the arrival of wearable technology will push designers to edit-out the unnecessary in order to provide easily digestible information to the “technology-hungry” people.

Here are 6 things to consider for web design that compliments wearable technology:

  1. User-friendly designs- UI designs of websites and the wearable devices need to be clean, modern, and unique.
  2. Easy accessibility- When a user is in a hurry and wants to find information quickly and easily, websites need to accommodate to their needs.
  3. Simple designs- You don’t want to overwhelm the user, especially on a device that’s smaller than normal. Keep websites minimal yet still functional.
  4. Larger texts- It is always best to have larger texts on these devices, so it’s readable on the small screens.
  5. Interactive- There is different ways to satisfy a user with this interactivity capability of a wearable technology. Your website needs to be interactive such as features like tap to call.
  6. Intuitive web design- This is very essential, because this is where a user finds trustworthiness of a particular item. You want to be able to give them the best experience which will leave them wanting more of it.

Wearable technology has just began and so be alert with web designs that are prepared for the future and will consider this new medium.

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