Is Web Animation the Answer to Flat Design?

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8 August 2014

Flat design is a trend that includes no gradients, drop shadows, embossing, or any other special effects to execute the message it’s trying to convey. This trend has recently become increasingly popular with large companies like Google and Apple who are embracing change in the design world.

Flat design has been a trend that has stuck in the web design world, but is it starting to receive negative feedback? Many say that this new trend is bland, boring, and not unique or pleasing as it includes nothing special.

A new feature in web design that has begun to enhance conversation is animation. Companies are utilising animation as a way to engage website visitors, increase usability as well as user friendly ratings, and stay one step ahead of their competing companies.

Could web animations really be the answer to the problems flat designs pose?

Is Web Animation the Answer?

Because flat design is becoming more popular, many websites are beginning to look the same which makes them very outdated quickly. Brands are having a hard time stepping out from the crowd because their competitor’s website look relatively the same as theirs. This creates a problem that web designers and developers must solve. This is where animation is making its way into the design world and becoming an industry standard. Many designers are looking to animation to breathe life into their projects and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Without animation, many websites that have chosen to use flat design would no doubt be considered “bland”.

The Advances of the Web

The web is an ever changing place and web design has to keep up its pace within it. There were the old days when web developers worried that not all computers had JavaScript and couldn’t properly handle animations. Now there are new skills and trends constantly sweeping the nation which common computer processors have no trouble presenting.

It’s not the answer

While animations improve flat design and any other type of design, it’s not necessarily the answer to fix all of the problems flat designs pose. Flat design is a trend in and of itself and shouldn’t be supplemented with other trends to be proven “functional”.

In reality, flat designs should either stand up on their own, or be changed before getting to the stage of animation.

The design must go through a fundamental change in order to capture the audience it is targeting. Animating that design can only make it worse, and make the failure of the design more apparent. Fundamental changes may include shifting colours, using different typography or even re-thinking the concept of the design.

Using animation for a design will not solve the problem of the design. Animation is meant to accentuate certain features of a design or concept, and it may end up accentuating the wrong idea if the design is not at its best when being animated.

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