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11 March 2014

The ultimate goal of having a website for any business owner is to increase the brand awareness, generate leads and win sales.


Building a website is one part of the process but the challenging phase is generating traffic and reaching out to those potential customers that are searching for what you have to offer.


There are many reasons why your website may not be getting the traffic you expected to get. We will try to categorise the main reasons and explain why majority of today’s businesses fail.


1. Content:

Content of a website is by far the most vital part of a website. It has the highest influence on any website’s ranking. Cutting corners here and having no strategy will definitely hurt your online presence.


Make sure the content on your website is custom and unique. Do not write for search engines – write for people. After all search engines do not buy your product or service, people do.  Proper structure of content delivered on corresponding pages is usually the difference between a lost click and a potential sale.


2. Structure and Design

Google has evolved over the years and it tends to favour websites that have proper structure and design. Your website should offer pleasant user experience to the visitors independently of the device they are viewing your website from (responsive design comes into play here).


You must also adhere to search engine guidelines and make sure that your website is search engine friendly. There are many factors that influence website ranking in search engines and the majority of them are certainly related to website structure (on page analysis).

Here one can see how search engines work and get a better idea of how structure and design can influence website ranking.


3. You were hit by Google Penalty (Unnatural Links, Panda or Penguin)

This is an advanced Google Specific factor that is difficult to understand for the majority of business owners. However, this could be one of the main reasons for sudden traffic/ranking drop on your website.


Google Penalties can be caused by a number of reasons including: link spam, hidden text or keyword stuffing, scraped content, cloaking or sneaky redirects, hacked website, etc.


This area needs special attention and if you have faced any sudden traffic or ranking drop in the past it is time for you to get in touch with an experienced SEO professional so that a website audit can be carried out and an action plan can be suggested.


4. You are targeting wrong keywords

If you are doing everything by the book and still not getting targeted traffic then you should check if you’re targeting proper keywords. Google shows a limited number of results per page and the competition is usually fierce. Check your bounce rate and revise your strategy.


New sites should only target long tail keywords. Those are less competitive and get high Click through Rate (CTR). In other words get what you can now is better than nothing at all.


5. You haven’t got any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) done for your Website

Your business is what you know and do the best, similarly with website traffic it is always better to have it managed by professionals allowing you to focus on your business.

These reasons might be limiting your website’s potential. Addressing even one these has the potential to bring your website a step closer to success.
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