Interactive Web Design

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30 January 2020

Interactive Web Design

The trendsetting teams behind global web design are changing. Rewind 10 years and a team might have been set with a graphic designer, someone that knew enough code to ensure a drop-down menu actually dropped, and an office dog. 


Now web design teams are attracting some of the best talents in game development, animation and creative tech fields which are themselves yet to have been labelled, resulting in interactive products so captivating that calling them websites seems offensive. 


So, what has caused this seismic change in approach to web design, and should you be looking to include interactivity within your next web revamp?

Engaging Experiences

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the continuous advancement of technologies. And when it comes to the advances in digital media we all know what the effect has been on how we consume through our latest smartphones; bite-sized videos on Facebook, infinite scrolling on Instagram. We have become digital media hedonists of the highest order with the attention spans to match.


 It was only a matter of time until web design began tailoring to these changes in consumer behaviour. Enter: Interactive Design.


With interactive design, web designers have successfully combatted the short attention spans of the modern digital media consumer while simultaneously elevating brands and transforming websites into the digital equivalents of the high-street store with immaculate interior design that shoppers will happily enter three times with no real intention purchasing. Except here, they do.

Interactive Customer Journies

Designing websites with interactive functionality has opened the door to new possibilities for designers to create seamless customer journies towards conversion. With the smart use of interactive actions, we are enabled to capture specific information of users which can then be utilised further along their onsite journey to create meaningful, personalised experiences


The information captured through these interactive actions can also double as valuable sources of user data. Planned and executed correctly, these interactive actions can provide marketing teams with the data needed to improve customer journeys before they reach the website and product development teams with insights that traditionally could have run into the tens of thousands of dollars to discover. 

Know Your Audience

But with all of this said, knowing your audience must still come first when designing your new website. While investing in a highly interactive website might be a business decision that takes an architecture studio to an architecture firm, the same move might be an unnecessary and costly move for a security provider. Taking a holistic approach to your digital strategy from web development to nurturing will always be the most advantageous approach. 


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