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10 December 2014

If you’re a local business owner, you’ve already been told every reason out there on why you need to get your business online. The bottom line is that more and more people are finding local businesses from the web, online directories and mobile apps these days, and you can’t afford to miss out.



At JTB Studios, we work with a lot of well known Australian brands like Woolworths, Nissan Motorsport and Barry Plant, helping them reach their online goals. What we really love is bringing our expertise from working with Nissan and other large corporations to local businesses, because it always has a massive impact!


But with a sea of web design companies out there, how do you as a savvy business owner choose the right one to work with? Check out the points below to find out.


Numero Uno on the list is working with a Web Design company who gets your local business the results you need, not just irrelevant results like ranking your business at the top of Google for the keyword “Funny dancing chicken”, unless of course you run a chicken dancing studio, in which case, good on you!



Back to the point, working with an agency who understands what outcomes you want, and who has achieved similar outcomes with other clients is essential. This way, it’s low risk and you know that you will make back your investment 10 times over.



Retecon Testimonial
Retecon Website


Retecon Website

“I just want to say thank you to you and your team, for all the work you have done for my business, I have gotten such good feedback from a lot of clients. You really have made us stand out in the concrete industry, and that’s what I aimed for, we have non-stop calls every week, and the business has grown at a lot  greater pace than expected, which is mostly credit to the work on the web and the business cards you have done for us. I will definitely be doing some more stuff in the new year with you!

Justin Farrugia, Managing Director of Retecon




It’s very important to work with a local Web Design company who has worked with clients in and around the industry your business is in. If you’re a local real-estate company, you want to work with someone who’s worked with other real estate agencies. If you’re an individual who sells goods online, you want to work with an agency who has a track record for making other online stores profitable. Working with an agency who has relevant industry experience is the difference between you simply having a website, and you having a website that brings you new customers consistently.


Most Web Design companies out there fail to actually make websites successful. Most agencies see success as a pretty design, but a pretty design alone with no strategy, no conversion optimisation, no delightful copywriting, no alignment with your target audience and a poor user experience won’t make your investment back. At JTB, we create websites that consistently bring you new customers and improve your bottom line [cha ching]. At the end of the day, above wanting to look professional and crushing your competition, it’s about bringing in new, paid customers that makes your business thrive, not just survive, as they say.



When creating a website for your business, you need to work with an agency that wants an ongoing relationship, and doesn’t see you as just another client they need to finish a project with. Forget the overnight success stories,  websites don’t magically start generating massive amounts of revenue the day after you launch. Once you do have a great site that’s ready for the world to see, the name of the game is consistently publishing great content that draws people in, enhancing the experience, and running advertising that puts you in front of the people seeking your services. Think of it like a plane: once the plane launches, you don’t reach your destination until you’ve travelled 10’s of thousands of miles.

At JTB Studios, we don’t just help your local business get off the tarmac, we take it sky-high!


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